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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


March 2011

Chris Meek

A personal note: Recently my wife and daughter had a very near miss on the pedestrian crossing on the main road through the village, they were both almost knocked down by a car that pulled out and overtook a stationary gritter lorry as they crossed in front of it.  My wife reported the incident to the police who are looking into it as she noted the registration of the car and hopefully they will be able to track the driver down. I have spoken with the Community Council members about the crossing and they are looking for support to get the Council to change the crossing from a pelican crossing to one with traffic lights.  

With this in mind, can you please email me on chris.meek1@tesco.net if you have had a near miss or any incident on the crossing and let me have a few details which I will pass to the Community Council? If we can provide PKC and the police with evidence that one day there will be more than a near miss at this crossing then maybe we can get them to make it safe before it happens.

                                          CHRIS MEEK