Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Dear Readers.

The end of July is fast approaching; time for me to be thinking of my contribution to The Crier. I wait until near to the closing date so that I may draw your attention to articles within the current edition. What an extraordinary summer we are experiencing------ drought, cold winds, heat, humidity and sunshine. No-one can complain of boredom as far as our Scottish weather is concerned. The saying goes "Variety is the spice of life", so I guess we should all be pretty hot stuff! Able to cope with all the sudden changes which I think was proved on Gala Day.

The 50th Gala, a day to remember; a hot dry morning, all set to go, pouring rain half way through the afternoon, dry and pleasant later on for a great evening in the centre of the village, pig-roast, music dancing and entertainment, a real family affair to  end the day. A full report should appear within the pages of this edition.

Other events which have taken place in Abernethy since the last issue are I hope recorded for The Crier------ the School Sports, the Senior Citizens' Outing,  the Sunday Club Outing to Scone Palace to name but a few I know for certain that an article has been submitted from ABC and if you do not know what these letters stand for apart from being the first three letters of the alphabet, all will be revealed as you turn over the pages of your Crier.

Between June and September big changes take place in the lives of many of our young people in Abernethy, the transition from attending the local schoolto travelling to senior school in Perth or elsewhere..

It would be interesting to hear from those who have changed school what their first impressions are of the new regime. Write to us for the next edition which comes out at the beginning of December. Change is a  fact of life, which I guess starts when one first goes to nursery or school and continues thereafter. Enough philosophising let us move on to more factual matters of today.

I know that it is difficult to look so far ahead but I hope we may have a diary of autumn events in this issue; e.g. Dates of Community Council Meetings, School Council Meetings , meetings of the W.R.I., The Auld Abernethy Association, The Horticutural group, the Badminton Club, Line Dancing, the Guides, Rainbows, Scouts, Cubs etc., etc.. It would help us all to avoid "clashes" and keep our diaries sorted out.

By coincidence a little bit of history appears in this edition thanks to "snail-mail" and thanks to modern technology viz our web-site For letters to the editor we received a letter from Helen Knight whose late husband Barry was responsible for the first Abernethy Newsletter and at roughly the same time I received an e-mail from my nephew Tony Lea who now lives in Australia from which I quote "We have just read the new issue (from the web). I was just thinking, Well well the Abernethy Newsletter (The Crier ) has graduated into the technological era. Little did I think it would graduate to this lofty state, when I was printing out the first edition on an old Gestetner under the old Hudson Bay Company poster in the Factory front office and getting it to the deliverers (Marion being one of them) These original copies may be seen and read in the museum.

We are grateful to all our contributors Do keep sending your letters, articles etc but may I ask if you are contacting us please supply your name and address as we cannot print anonymous letters as I am sure you will understand. If for any reason you do not wish to have your name and address published please say so, this is not a problem but complete anonymity is. Abernethy is a friendly village and I hope it remains so. We may share different views on different matters but everything is open to discussion------why be afraid to say your piece.

By the time you receive this edition summer will be over and we will be into autumn, difficult to realise as I write this in July but that is how time goes.

As I draw to a close may I extend the sympathy of "The Crier" committee to the family of the late Margaret Morrison whose funeral took place on 27th July. Margaret contributed a great deal to the village and will be greatly missed by many of us

Until December! Hilda Clow.


Well a new government in place in Westminster, World Cup finished, no more tennis and the summer drawing to an end and all this since the last newsletter.

However, all is not so rosy in one of our main attractions in the village, the Museum of Abernethy.

How many of you have been through the door of the Museum, not many according to the visitors book, there has been more non Abernethy visitors than Abernethy ones.

There is a team of volunteers working hard to set up the exhibits, when it is open four days in the week the folks on the door are all volunteers, like the Bakers shop and the Post Office, use it or loose it.

I reckon a large percentage of the population of the village have never had the pleasure of a visit to the Museum, come on give it a visit, put a pound in the donations box and support a four star attraction.

In certain corners of the village, there are people who are quick to criticise the workings of the Community Council and how it serves no purpose and has little clout when it comes to fighting the corner for Abernethy and Aberargie. It is obvious that you have never been to a council meeting.

Recently there were four vacancies on the Community Council and nominations were asked for to fill these positions, only two were filled by standing members.

What happened to the moaners and groaners, where were they? No sign of them, no papers filled in by them, none of them standing for election. There are still two seats unfilled, you can be co-opted on if you feel the urge to serve your community.

You get the Community Council you deserve

Gala Day

Well done to Andrea Dewar, the Gala Committee and the “on the day helpers” for making the Gala such a success.