Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Dear Readers,

                    By the time you read this the Election will have been and gone and our political fate sealed for the present. Whatever the result WE have brought this about, but I think, now,we should be very much aware that the greater power is "Mother Nature"and what she decides we must  accept and make the best of it.

  The last time I was composing my contribution for the "Crier"I was looking out on snow and looking forward to spring. Well, we all know what spring brought; March, completely upside down, in like a lamb and out like a lion; beginning of April,more snow with chaotic travel but excellent for the skiers and snow-boarders, hoping to have an extended season into May.I did ski in the Cairngorms in the month of June many years ago and somewhere have the photographs to prove it!

 Now, chaos throughout the country and Europe as a result of the volcanic eruption in Iceland.and this has led to disruption in different ways throughout the world, bringing to our attention the economics of the many poorer nations of the world so dependent on the more affluent. Maybe we can't fly today, but the majority of us in this country can afford to eat.

 Quite a number of events have taken place in Abernethy since the March edition.

 Sadly, as you will see inside, a few of our well-known inhabitants have passed on and the sympathy of the members of The Crier committee are sent to the bereaved.

 The Burns Supper last February was a huge success----- a complete sell-out, enjoyed by all who were there. I hope you will find a detailed report among the contents of this edition.

News of other events will be found within the Crier what is happening in the School and in the Church what the many organisations have planned for the summer. I am hoping we might be able to produce a DIARY so that a "clash"of meetings might be avoided. It will be a case of looking quite far ahead and remembering to keep the list up-to-date.

 Have you looked up The Crier's web-site yet?

We are looking forward to extending our circulation to Dron as Margaret Davidson has agreed to join the stalwart gang of Paperboys and girls

 This brings me to a subject we would like to introduce into The Crier; a POETS' CORNER as Margaret's late Father, Bob Smith was  well-known local Rhymer one of his works being included in this edition. There were many amusing exchanges of verse among the past poets of Abernethy and through rhyme a little bit of the more recent history of the village is brought to light.

 Now we are looking forward,two anniversaries are ahead of us, 10 years since the Museum was opened by Magnus Magnusson and 50 years since  the first Gala took place. so many memories are coming to mind some of which are recorded in this edition along with a timetable of events for this year's extra special Gala.

Before I bring my piece to a conclusion I would like to thank everyone who pops his or her loose change into the boxes in the shops and tearoom. It is amazing how it all mounts up.

 Now it is over to you to read the latest and think what you might contribute to the next Crier which will be delivered on 1st September 2010. Articles must be in the hands of the Editor by 31st July.

Have a good summer                            

                  Hilda Clow


Surprisingly the Crier has not yet received any letters from the dog owners who leave their dog’s deposits on the pavements, there’s time yet, I don’t think so.

Com’on dog owners give us your view on pavement fouling and why you don’t pick it up.

What are your thoughts on this incinerator or gasification plant  that’s planned for up the hill, the posh name to try and cover up the fact it just a plain old incinerator.

I think the Abernethy Action Group have missed the boat on this one, where were they four years ago, that’s when the Community Council started working on this problem.

Some people were not aware the planning application had been passed.

The next step is for SEPA to issue the operators with a licence and until then there will be little movement forward.

I would like to hear from the readers who didn’t manage to get to the recent meetings at the Community Council and in the Mason’s hall. I believe Annabelle Ewing was at the latest one and was promising the kingdom of heaven if she is voted in.

What is the best way to approach these kind of village problems, the ‘steady as you go’ or the placard waving way. Give me your views.

The landfill was meant to be a ‘state of the art’ operation when it was granted a licence and look at the problems we have had with it with smell. How can SEPA justify granting a licence to a further operation when the first one is not under control yet.

We as a nation have targets to meet when it comes to rubbish disposal, are the targets more important than public health?

Let the Crier know how you feel.    

The Ed