Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Hello again, Readers,

              Perhaps this column should be called "Fore and Aft" since I am continuously commenting on events, facts etc which have already taken place and those yet to be.

              As I look out on this January day, I am hoping, what I see, black and white, will be in the past, the present now the beginning of March a touch of brown and green and the future glorious technicolour as trees, flowers and fields produce the beautiful bright colours of spring.

              So what has been happening in Abernethy over the last 3 months? Christmas has come and gone, Christmas trees and decorations up and down, Old Year out and New Year in The "BIG FREEZE" snow falling, "snow on snow, snow-ow -ow on snow"( to quote from the carol) but as I write beginning to disappear and already bits of green and brown are  beginning to re-appear. What's more the days are lengthening---- Is spring just round the corner?

             I was pleased to see in our last edition more contributions and letters from readers. Keep them coming in. The Village Crier is yours. It does not belong to those of us on the committee. We are there to receive your news and views and put it into publication. No matter how trivial  you think it might be it is sure to be of interest to lots of people. Also I am hoping that we may get an input from "ex-pats" as YES! we are in the 21st century, we have a website. You will find us on www.villagecrier.co.uk so it is more important than ever that we keep the world informed as to what is happening in Abernethy.

             Looking back to December we held a very happy evening in Cree’s Inn to thank the "Paper Boys and Girls" for delivering The Crier to every household in the Parish. It was all good fun; lots of chit-chat and laughter, a fantastic spread of sandwiches, sausage rolls etc provided by Brian. More volunteers are always welcome and think about the reward next December.

             Now I am looking ahead. 2010 is a big year as far as Abernethy Gala is concerned. This will be the 50th Gala. The Gala Committee is hoping to contact all the previous Gala Queens. Are we looking for 50 people? A mystery question . The Gala was the inspiration of Mrs Christina Cameron F.E.I.S. a very talented retired headmistress who lived in The White House, the same Mrs Cameron who wrote "A Short History of Abernethy" which was reprinted as the Community Council's Millennium project and is still available for purchase.

             Since the Gala is held at the beginning of June we are hoping to have the next edition of the Crier issued during the last week of May to include a full list of events for Gala Week.

             Finally. we are delighted  to have welcomed Dougie Cleeton, Cordon Cottage, on to the committee another set of brains to produce more ideas.

              Now read on, lots of interesting articles and information within the pages.

                            Till the next time, Hilda Clow

The Editor's Moan





Dog fouling in the village has improved greatly over the years, with dog owners taking more responsibility for their dogs deposits. Unfortunately, there is a hard core of doggy people who still refuse to bag and bin the poo, messing the public places in our village. Walkers get it on their feet, the kids playing football in the park get on their clothes, Mothers get it on the wheels of their prams, it’s disgusting.

Some folks use the grit bin boxes to deposit their dog poo bags, I think it says Grit on the lid of the bin. Lately some dog owners have left their waste hiding under the deep snow, until it thaws of course, do they expect it to disappear on it’s own? Some owners bag it and leave the bag and contents on the pavement.What is that all about, preserving the contents for years in the plastic bag, it’s bizarre.Do these people expect somebody else to pick up the poo, yeh right.

Come on folks if you have a dog think of others and clear up at your backside or should it be your dog’s backside.