Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Easter weekend and what a display of colour we have around us; the spring flowers and blossom are magnificent making us forget about the rigours of winter. Maybe the snow created a warm blanket for the underground roots and bulbs. Today (Good Friday) I realise how fortunate we are here, there has been a thick, thick haar and pouring rain in the Edinburgh area!

Many changes have or are taking place in Abernethy since the last issue of The Crier. The major one which I think has affected the whole village, is the closure of The Corner Shop and the circumstances under which this happened. Did any of us ever imagine such a thing could occur here? Sandy and Betty Lamb served this community for well over 40 years and after Sandy's death Betty bravely continued with the business. It makes us fully realise how true the saying is "One only misses the water when the well runs dry" Personally, I would like to say "Thank you very much Betty, for all you and Sandy gave to the Village" I am sure everyone joins me in this expression of gratitude.

This seems to be a year of change here ----- no longer is there a Women's Guild ------ Why? No Gala this year ----- Why? Two separate and quite different gatherings of people but are the answers to the questions similar? Any event or organisation needs to have someone or a group of people to accept responsibility. Are we

a) Too busy?

b) Unwilling to take on responsibility?

c) Not interested?

d) Assuming that someone else will turn up to keep the show on the road?

Who has the answer? Write to The Crier to air your views.

Now I have some GREAT NEWS .We have a JUNIOR REPORTER, his first article appearing in this issue. Cameron Rodger, age 9 has volunteered to join "The Staff" of The Crier. He is full of ideas, which is very exciting, so look out for things to come. Those of us already involved in the production of The Crier are hoping that this will develop into not just a column but a full page and maybe more devoted to the Young People in the Parish of Abernethy. On behalf of Anne, Maureen, Leslie, Jimmy and myself "Welcome aboard Cameron."

By the time you receive this the autumn/winter activities will have finished and the summer ones will be well on their way. Tennis has started, The Museum has re-opened, the School will be preparing for Sports Day and other outdoor activities and all the gardeners are busy, busy, busy.

Sadly one of our very keen gardeners passed away this spring. Gordon Aitken, Rose Cottage, Clunie Street was a prolific prize-winner at the local Flower Show ------- such a modest man, whose garden was a sight to behold. Personally as a neighbour, I miss our chats over the fence and on behalf of The Crier readers extend our expressions of sympathy to Margaret and family.

Have a good summer everyone.  Till the next time,

                                                                                                                                              Hilda Clow.


By now you will have heard there will be no Gala this year.

The Williamson Hall relies on fund raising, hall lets, grants and the Gala to enable the committee to keep the hall the comfortable venue it is.

Over the years the committee has invested a great deal time and money in the hall, upgrading the kitchen, heating and windows and they have further plans for 2011/2012

This, however, costs money and with no Gala to rely on the money has to come from somewhere. Other means of fund raising will be necessary, even asking the money strapped businesses for some cash sponsorship.

Did you know if every household in the village donated a £1, a £1, a little old £1. What can you buy for a £1? This would go a long way to paying the bills and further investment in the fabric of the building.

Would you be prepared to donate a £1 to the running cost of your village hall? Yes, your village hall!

There is a plan, still in the early stages, to have a fete in the summer. This will be on a smaller scale than the Gala but will go some way to raising funds for the running costs.

The Hall Committee and the Crier would like to hear from you with your comments on how the Hall could be funded without the Gala.


If you received the last Crier you would have read the letters about the parking problem in the Square and Main Street.  I do recall the delight of all the residents when Tower Bakery left the village, “hurrah! lots of parking spaces now they have left.” Has it changed? I don’t think so.

How are things in the Square, has the parking improved? Are the residents getting together to organise the parking?

Send us a line and let us know how things are coming along.

                                             The Ed