Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


A Happy New Year to all our readers. By the time you receive your copy of The Crier we will be well into 2011 but as I write the 1st of January is less than a fortnight ago and outside very little has changed since you got the December issue.

As you may have gathered I never write my article in one  I do a little bit and let time pass before doing the next bit so in between times things change.

Two weeks have elapsed and we have had further adventures. After the snow and frost came the rain and the floods and now today there is a feeling of spring in the air.

I am sure you would all have received the December copy of "the Crier”.  I know there were difficulties in getting to some of the outlying areas but the distributors all got there in the end.

We once again had a very sociable evening in Cree's Inn to thank those who do the delivering of "The Crier". Brian supplied a sumptuous buffet, the conversation was good so we all had a great night.

Christmas seems a long time ago now but despite the snow the Carol Singers managed to do the rounds and I hope you saw Abernethy’s favourite Shetland pony, Charlie delivering Christmas gifts with Morven and Imogen in the trap. If you missed seeing him in action there is a photograph within these pages.

Various events did take place over  the festive season and unfortunately others had to be cancelled but better to be safe than sorry. For the first time for many years we did not have a Christmas tree because of the weather. However that is all history now and as the days lengthen we see signs of spring, think about the seeds we are going to sow, plan holidays etc.

Abernethy welcomes a new headmistress to the school. Mrs Morrison took up the post in January and by now many of you will have already met her.

I still have the cat and through my mentioning it I had a lovely long chat on the 'phone with Mrs Molly Foote whom I haven't met yet. Being a cat lady she thought she might be able to throw a light on my stranger (no longer a stranger now I can tell you) but the cat she thought it may have been was not the same. However that is beside the point------I have made a new friend through The Crier and that is what The Crier is about

On a personal note Struan House is to be put on the market. This house, to my knowledge has never been sold and has belonged to the family since it was a weaver's cottage in the eighteen hundreds. However times change and ideas change and one must move on and not cling to the past. It is ridiculous for one person to be living in a large house when a family would make better use of it than I can now. I hope I will be able to find somewhere more suitable in Abernethy to my present needs.

Enjoy the 10th edition of "The Crier"



I very seldom have to drive through the centre of the Village, down the  Main Street, but when I do it fills me with fear for the householders. I sincerely hope there is not a fire and the engine has to negotiate the parked cars, or the badly parked cars, making the through road virtually impossible.

There is barely enough room for a small car far less a Fire Engine or an Ambulance.

The next time you park your vehicle, especially in and around the Surgery corner, check out how much space there is between you and the motor opposite and can an Emergency vehicle get through? It could be your house that’s burning or your family member needing medical attention.

                                   Think before you park.

Lets makes 2011 the year we all support our local organisations more than we have in the past, the Museum, the Bowling Club, the Gala, the Auld Abernethy Association, the Tennis Club to name but a few.

All these organisations need your support to survive; as well as financial help they also need volunteers. Let’s make 2011 the Year of the Abernethy Volunteer.

                       The Ed