Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


I am looking back at last December's issue of The Crier and strangely enough the date of writing my draft copy is the same as for this year 28th October. Little did I think, a year ago, I would no longer be living in Struan House and would have taken up residence in Bridge of Earn. What a difference a year makes! Not one of us knew last October what the end of November had in store and also the succeeding weeks --------the Paper Boys and Girls ploughing their way through the snow to deliver The Crier, the wonderful efforts of Brian and Duncan to keep us supplied with groceries and vegetables and the good neighbourliness in the village,helping with shopping, snow-clearing and all-round support which after all is what village life is all about.

As The Crier reaches its 3rd Birthday it has grown in size as every healthy baby does and more people are sending in contributions as it should be. Like every other newspaper and journal The Crier is the voice of the people and everyone is entitled to his or her say be it controversial or otherwise. Letters to the Editor is your chance to put forward your thoughts, opinions, ideas etc and your letter will be printed provided you you have supplied your name and address.. If you wish this to be with-held that is your privilege and will be respected at all times. If anyone has comments to make please write or get in touch on-line rather than phone. That way your thoughts can be made known;  it is well-nigh impossible to translate a phone call into print. While on the subject of communication we would look forward to hearing from some more of our overseas readers.

The winter activities are now in full swing and Christmas is looming. I don't know if I am thinking correctly----is Christmas starting earlier and earlier every year? I am so aware of areas in shops already devoted to Christmas, even before Hallowe'en, Guy Fawkes Night and Remembance Sunday have passed.

What a mish-mash; Santas and Christmas trees, fancy dress, broomsticks and masks, Fireworks and tins and boxes of Poppies. Perhaps it is time we all stood back and looked at each festival in turn, what it is and what it stands for and forget about the commercial side of things.

It is now a year since I acquired The Cat. He survived the move to Bridge of Earn and is just as much at home here as he was in Abernethy. He certainly seems to be fully in charge in Balmanno Gardens.

Personally I feel sort of "in between". I have settled into Bridge of Earn but having lived in Abernethy for 43 years (more or less to the day!) I still feel very much involved and interested in the village. It is a strange situation, as i am no longer a resident of the Parish I do not have the same right to express an opinion or do I?

Things are changing, the Community Council of which I was so much a part in years gone by, the Church where I have been a member since coming to Abernethy in 1968, The Gala, the Hill-race, the first Flower Shows and of more recent times the Museum and The Crier. I was an in-comer but never made to feel one, probably because of Bobby, but I lived longer in Abernethy than anywhere else in my life and so I want to continue to make a contribution to the village.

On that philosophical note I will close wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2012.


                                                  Hilda Clow.


Summer has gone and the nights are drawing in with winter on its way. As we know there have been and there will be further cut backs in Council services. To you and me that means road salting, snow clearing, litter picking and other services may be affected, so it’s up to us to fill the gap. Why not clear your neighbours pavement of snow and ice, especially if they are elderly, and while you are there see if they are needing anything at the shops? Instead of stepping over that bit of paper or coke can, pick it up and bin it. Let’s not just moan, let’s do something about it.

I see from my window the Saltire, or something that resembled an old rag, has been removed from the Tower along with the fish, the fish was damaged by that gale back in May. The flag will no doubt be replaced, I hope that will be the same with the fish as it is part of Abernethys industrial history.

As you will see there are another three excellent poems in the corner, the Crier goes from strength to strength.

The winter activities will have started by now, The Auld Abernethy Society, the Badminton club to name two, lets make sure the clubs and associations are supported. Don’t be frightened to go along and swell the numbers, they will be glad to see you.

I would like to wish all our contributors, advertisers, deliverers and especially our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for supporting the Village Crier and I hope you continue to do so in the coming year.

                                          The ED