Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


In its tenth year of operation the Museum of Abernethy has had another successful season.  We have had more group visits than usual, some of them combined with a guided walk around the village. Another example of “outreach” was our outdoor display on Gala Day in the Powrie Park, looking back on fifty years of the gala.

 We are now looking for new ideas for future displays.   Having covered the main work-related aspects of parish life, such as farming, salmon-fishing, weaving and clothing manufacture, shops, trades and businesses, our attention has recently turned to leisure-type topics.  In 2008 we featured various sports played locally. The most recent venture was “100 Years of the Girl Guides”.  Over time we hope to cover several other clubs and societies, either as displays or in album format.

Next year the main theme is “Entertainment”.  Before the age of television and computers, entertainment was much more locally based and of a do-it-yourself nature.  Hopefully we will be able to show that in the pre-electronic era people did have fun and were no less happy than present-day devotees of TV soap operas and video games.  Abernethy had thriving drama and choral groups which staged many concerts and local productions.  We have some photos of these and would love to have more, together with anecdotes and other ephemera  -  in fact anything that builds up a picture of how local people were entertained in the past century, or even earlier

.The SWRI has been active in the village for over 80 years and indeed has staged its fair share of concerts and entertainments.  We intend to do a special section on this group, which must have a longer history than almost any other local club or society.  So ladies, if you have any items of interest for this topic, please bring them along to the Museum on a Tuesday, or phone 01738 850 889, or use our email address, which is secretary@museumofabernethy.co.uk.  The sooner we have collected all the available for a topic the sooner we will know what space it requires and how it can best be tastefully displayed.

Bill Drever