Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Over the last 2 months, members of Abernethy Environmental Association have been busy surveying residents to find out what improvements they would like to see in their parks in 2012. This builds on the work that the Council did last summer, but extends participation to all park users, (not just play park fans.) We exhibited council sketch proposals at the Abernethy Primary School Xmas Fayre and have set up a facebook group called ‘Abernethy Parks Project’ so everyone in the community can stay in touch with plans and developments. Please join!

A big thank you to everyone who completed the park survey, either on-line or at Brian’s shop. The results will be published in a short report and will influence architect plans and funding applications.

Huge thanks also to everyone who turned out on a crisp day in November to help tidy up the wood at Powrie Park. Approx 45 folk of all ages helped to clear paths and chop back overhanging vegetation in preparation for the building of an all abilities bike- skills loop. A great day was had, but sadly the late November winds overturned much of the effort, uprooting a couple of large trees including one right next to our 1st and only ‘balance beam’. As soon as woodland access is safe and clear again we’ll be organising another community ‘bike loop building day’. So please watch local noticeboards for more. We hope Abernethy’s enthusiastic junior mountain bikers can help out again!

Some of the larger trees in Powrie Park were felled in November to make way for a new car park behind the Pavilion. The felled timber was neatly stacked by the council behind the building and earmarked for use as furniture in the park and in the woodland itself. It has been deeply disappointing therefore, to discover not some, but all, of the timber has been removed without council permission and presumably for private use. Even more disturbing are reports of verbal abuse towards members of the public openly questioning timber removal. Are we not a small community trying to support each other? Imagine how many children (not to mention teachers and Scout leaders) will be disappointed if we cannot build a seating area for outdoor learning in the wood? The decent thing would be for the guilty party/ies to make a financial contribution to cover the cost of purchasing replacement timber.

Next steps for the Parks Project – finalising plans and applying for funding.

If you’d like to lend support or get involved that’d be great. Email abernethyparkproject@me.com or find Abernethy Parks Project on facebook.

Cheers Robin, Ogilvy, Kate, Joyce, Catherine, Jill D, Kyle, Zoe & Jill B