Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


The AEA is active again and this time the intention is to upgrade first the Powrie Park and then the Williamson Hall Park in several phases over a period of time.  There is already a proposed plan for the Powrie Park which includes repositioning the play area, to avoid the flooding problem currently experienced, and purchasing better play equipment.  Future plans include a bike skills loop and possibly a skate park.

YOUR AEA NEEDS YOU – as part of the constitution the association is open to all persons residing in Abernethy and District so please think how you can help.  For example does your employer have a scheme where, by giving some of your time or other help, you may have access to funds to help projects in your locality? You may have attended the initial consultation held by Perth and Kinross Council and it is intended to have another open meeting and other promotions regarding this project so watch this space!

               Contacts:- caty@catymacd.plus.com