Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022



     It was the match of the year in the jungle

     When they contest the Lion King cup

     An hour to go before kick-off

     And the stadium was nearly full up

     The animals were playing the insects

     And were strongly fancied to win

     Even the insects supporters

     Admitted their chances were thin

     The first half ran true to form

     The animals went for the kill

     A first minute score and another two more

     Half time saw them leading three-nil

     The insects coach he was worried

     You could see him scratching his head

     So he took off one of his strikers

     And put on another instead

     He couldn’t match the animals for power

     But he thought he could beat them by speed

     So the sub that he picked wasn’t strong but was slick

     It was Charlie “Legs” centipede  


    The noise in the ground as the game turned around                                                                    

    Was just like the old Hampden Roar

    The animals were sick, Charlie scored a hat-trick

    Then brought up his tally to four

    Alas and alack there was no way back

    For the disjointed animals side

    To the insects great glee it ended four -three

    Hero Charlie had turned the tide

    A Tynecastle scout who was watching the rout

    Was keen to sign Charlie for Hearts

    He said to the coach, I don’t want to encroach

    Why wasn’t he on from the start?

    Said the coach, he’s a star- my best player by far

    He tackles and dribbles and shouts

    But perfect he ain’t and my main complaint

    He takes ages to lace up his boots!

                                      Bob MacDonald