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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022



Believe it or believe it not (I can't remember the origin of this expression} it is approaching 8 years since the first Crier appeared on your doorsteps, to be precise it was the beginning of December 2008, one sheet of A4 written on both sides. How we have progressed since then! Also I think The Crier has had a much longer run than any pevious newsletters produced in Abernethy at least as far as I know and to the best of my knowledge the first one to have a name apart from newsletter.

 So, we, the Committee members, decided it was maybe time for a change of format, less of my ramblings on the front page for a start and having a proper front cover. We haven't quite reached the "glossy mag" stage yet! Don't hold your breath, that could be a long way off.

We would like to hear your views and any suggestions you may have to keep interest alive in the production. Since the The Crier comes out quarterly it is sometimes difficult to remember the final date for contributions. Put it on the calendar as so many of us have to do, not because we are becoming absent-minded but because there are so many different things in our lives.

 I am hoping to read in this edition about the Fete and the Hill Race since I was unable to attend either event. Maybe in the next edition I may give you the history of the Hill Race.

 Looking forward to reading in the December issue your thoughts on the re-vamped Crier.

 Hilda Clow. (Chairman)


The Flag, The Fish and The Chimes

How long has it been now, two years, three years or is it more?
Is it going to take much longer to replace the fish, the flag and get the clock chiming again?
For very many years these have been part of the Village’s history and culture until they were damaged in that gale.
The Tower is an official flag flying station, the fish an important part of Abernethy and district’s industrial past and the clock, installed in 1868, a timepiece used by many all over the village.
The Community Council have been in contact with Historic Scotland, or whatever they are called now, as have many individuals, to try and get an idea of when this work will be carried out. The replies so far have told us that they are strapped for cash because of public spending cut backs, and because the Tower generates no revenue for their organisation, they are sweer to spend money on its maintenance.
I am told that because there is no flag flapping there are more birds roosting on the Tower and the birds are leaving their marks all over the platform.
For health and safety reasons the platform at the top is having to be cleaned more often by Historic Scotland staff, at an extra cost I would assume?
As we speak e-mails are being exchanged with Historic Scotland and I hope to have some good news for the next Crier.

The Ed

Reply from Historic Scotland

Historic Environment Scotland

Àrainneachd Eachdraidheil Alba

Thursday 7th July 2016


Dear Mr Swan

Complaint regarding Abernethy Round Tower.

Thank you for your correspondence of 17th June letting us know of your concerns about the above, and giving us the opportunity to investigate this matter for you.  

We can confirm that we are seeking costs for replacing the existing flagpole which will include the installation costs for penetrating the existing roof structure of the tower.  This will provide us with a total cost of re-instating the pole, flag and “fish” weather vane.  The weather vane has undergone conservation assessments and we have found that the earliest finish on the “fish” was in fact gilding.  We are therefore preparing the weather vane to have this finish re-instated.  We are hoping to be able to re-instate the whole assembly by the end of this financial year subject to secured funding.  If you would like any further information you can contact Graeme Bell, Head of Conservation at Graeme.bell@hes.scot.

Yours sincerely

Fiona Reid

Office Manager Central