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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

MARCH 2016

Dear Readers,

Here we are into another year and The Village Crier is entering its 8th year of publication. Personally, I can hardly believe it. It seems no time since the subject of an Abernethy Newsletter was brought up at a Community Council Meeting in 2008 and our first edition was produced, one double-sided A4, on the 1st December that same year.

I think The Crier has survived longer than any of its predecessors, but I must check this. There are copies of previous Newsletters in the Museum for anyone to read. It makes interesting reading and in a way gives a potted history of Abernethy over certain periods of the late 1900s. We intend to include some extracts in future editions of The Crier.

When I was looking for something over the last day or two I came across copies of Information Sheets which were produced by the newly formed Community Council around the mid 1970s. This gave lists of organisations, meeting times, locations and phone numbers etc. So many no longer exist e.g.
RBS Bank Buildings. (Mondays and Thursdays 10am-12noon)
Library The Town House (Mondays and Thursdays 7pm-8pm )
Baby Clinic The Town House. 1st Wednesday each month
Chiropody The Town House By Appointment
Phone numbers for the local District Nurse, Bridge of Earn Hospital, Meals on Wheels. Also a list of vans which came to the village, Baker, Fishmonger, Laundry and Lemonade. How many people remember the Lemonade Van? I can think of a few who will.
Named too, with contacts, were both the Regional and District councillors who regularly attended the C.C. Meetings.

I guess this is the time of year for looking both back and forward. I am writing this in January and by the time you are reading this Crier it is March and you will definitely be looking forward. Some will have holidays booked, some will have future plans for the garden, some looking at the prospects within their chosen careers and at the opposite end of the spectrum those looking towards the end of work and retiring to do all the things they haven't had time to do before. Some young people will be entering a new phase in their lives, leaving school, starting further education, apprenticeships or work, entering the world of adulthood and all that entails.

I am wondering what is going to be in The Crier this time and hoping we have plenty of contributions which are vital to keep it going. The same rules apply to me as to everyone else, "CONTRIBUTIONS MUST BE IN TO THE EDITOR BY......" whatever the date is so I have no idea what has been sent in until I get the draft copy from Jimmy. On the odd occasion we have had to do a bit of spinning out as the number of pages has to be a multiple of four. It is bet- ter to have too much news than too little and keep every- one informed. We may be a relatively small parish but there is a lot going on and a lot to offer. Think of newcom- ers to the village. They will want to know what is of interest and become involved. This is what keeps the area alive. After all, I was an incomer myself, admittedly, a long time Ago.

Hilda Clow


Hope everyone had an enjoyable festive holiday and are looking forward to the spring and the lighter nights.

I believe there have been a few break-ins in the village over the last few months. This must be very distressing for those involved. I would ask everybody to keep an eye out for any unusual activity and don’t be afraid to contact the Police. If you report something please remember to get an incident number.

A problem that rears its ugly head every now and then is kids with motor bikes fleeing up the Rough Glen and onto Castlelaw. I am sure most of us were involved in this activity when we were young, I know I was. The damage to the paths makes it difficult to walk on and prevents folks enjoying a stroll.

We used to run the cars and bikes behind the mounds up at the old quarry out of the way of the walkers so not causing damage to the path system.

Yes it was illegal then as it is now.

Think about others.

Have a great Spring.

The ED