Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022



Here we are again coming up to the deadline date for The Crier. As I write we are coming to the end of autumn, as you read winter will have arrived bringing whatever weather it has chosen to bring and Christmas and New Year are not very far ahead. The clocks change tonight so early darkness is here.

Anyway, mentioning changes, I am hoping there may be some comments on our new image for The Crier. We are still working on this and your thoughts would be very useful to us.

As many of you know the Roses have rambled off to Aberfeldy. Both Keith and Sally have been very involved in Abernethy since coming to Cherrybank well over 30 years ago. However thanks to the miracle of modern technology Keith will still be able to proof read The Crier. Sally and Keith have been associated with the Museum since its inception, with the Twinning, with the Community in general to name but a few things. We wish them every happiness in Aberfeldy and extend a warm welcome to the new occupants of Cherrybank.

As I mention new occupants, I have a request to make. Life in Abernethy has changed over the years as it has done everywhere else. The population has increased with the building of new houses, there is a constant change of householders, people come and go now. Abernethy is within easy reach of Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow and the north so many people choose village life for home and the city for work. Therefore people should be kept informed of all that goes on in the village, who to contact if they want to become involved in or with various organisations. To name several, in no particular order, The Community Council, the school, the church, the Williamson Hall committee, the SWI, the Masons, the tennis club, the badminton club the curling club, the horticultural society, Auld Abernethy, the Burns club, the community cinema, the museum. I haven't mentioned everything but my request is for a directory which can be printed in The Crier of all the organisations and contacts, dates and venues of meetings. It won't take two minutes to email the relevant information to the Editor and we (the committee) will sort it out from there.

To finish, congratulations must be extended to David Millar for organising the Star Camp, a big event for the village attracting people from far and wide, to those involved in the making and filling the flower containers to win the Silver award for the best kept village and to all who participated in the Art exhibition viewed by nearly 250 people over 2 weekends and the preview night.

To close,

Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2017.

Hilda Clow Chairperson


Best Use of Public Money?

As I am sure most of you know the Community Council receives a “Top-up Grant” every year from PKC, this is meant to be spent on administrative costs and Community Councillors’ expenses.

Community Councillors have historically never taken any expenses and the monies have been given to good causes in the Abernethy and District area.

“Oh no no no” say PKC, “this will not do. They must take the money, and you will not be handing out anything left over to good causes.”

Our Treasurer, Mrs Gillespie, received a letter from the Senior Elections and Community Councils Officer, Christine Grant (she sounds scary) and I quote “As discussed with you in my recent telephone conversation, the Community Council is not a grant aiding organisation and should not be giving out donations annually to local groups”. Six of the best for you Mrs Gillespie. She goes on to say “You have been reimbursed for the donation to Abernethy in Bloom this year but will not be in the future”. Bend over again Madam Treasurer.

In my opinion a standard grant be paid to all Community Councils, this year we received £454.54, and they should be allowed to spend as they wish, whether on expenses or for good causes, as long as the correct paper work is in order eg. Receipts. Our accounts are checked annually, what is the problem? Spending public money inefficiently that’s rich coming from PKC.

Jimmy Swan