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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

MARCH 2012

I was having a look at the contributions to The Crier one year ago. Some things remain the same, others completely different and of course what is completely different is the winter weather. Here we are, all of us now equipped with snow shovels, salt, some with winter tyres, some with spikes for our shoes and so far as I write in mid-January the shovels are in pris- tine condition, the salt still in the bag, the winter tyres being classed as an un-necessary expense and the shoe-spikes still in their packages. All will keep and we are well prepared for next winter without too much additional cost!!

I can hardly believe that 12 years have passed since all the excitement of the bringing in of the new millenium; big parties, firework displays, a new beginning, looking ahead. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then both literally and metaphorically. The uncertainty of what lies ahead seems to me greater than that of many previous years, but I am sure we will weather whatever the storms may bring; to quote Willie McFlannel (for those of you old enough to remember The McFlannels on old-fashioned radio) "We never died a winter yet"

I don't think any local functions had to be cancelled this winter due to weather and no problems arose over the delivery of The Crier

Once again we had a most enjoyable evening in Cree's Inn with the Delivery Team, lots of good conversation and laughs. Thanks must go again to Brian for providing an excellent buffet and also a very big thank you to all who deliver The Crier, 800 copies going through 800 letter-boxes is quite a task. The area covered is quite extensive, from the Fife boundary through Abernethy and Aberargie to Dron, heading southwards by Glenfoot to Glentarkie. So we spread our news fairly far and wide your news and everyone's news. Keep it coming in; YOU WRITE WE PUBLISH and DELIVER.

This 14th edition of The Crier will be out in time to wish Nick Hine every success in the London Marathon in April and hope he exceeds his target of £5000, also to wish for a great turnout for Muckmedden on 22nd April. This, I guess will be a good fun day both for participants and spectators------thrills and spills for all!

The Parks Redevelopment Scheme is a big undertaking but with lots of enthusiasm and many hands I am sure amazing results will be achieved which should be a great asset to the village.

Sadly The Grim Reaper has taken away a number of Abernethy People since the December issue and our sympathy is extended to the surviving relatives.

We have a number of Overseas Readers now, thanks to modern technology. We would be delighted to print any articles they would care to send, maybe after a visit to Abernethy or the impressions ex-villagers have of present day Abernethy, anything at all would be welcome.

Finally, I am sending in a poem to Poets' Corner. I got it from a friend of a friend and it has had great appeal to all who have read it------especially the ladies!! The title says it all, "Dust If You Must" On that lightsome note, until June.

Hilda Clow.


I have noticed a recurring theme in the Crier and that is the villages disgust with the pavements being fouled by dogs.

It is obviously not the dogs’ fault, it is natural for the animal to have these bodily functions I think the poem sent for inclusion in this edition says it all. As you can see the Williamson Hall Committee are having problems with people putting their full dog poo bags into their recycling bins, these bins are for paper and cardboard and not for excrement.

I know the majority of dog owners in the village are very responsible and do bag it and bin it. However, there is a hard core that don’t care and have little or no respect for their village or their neighbours. We wouldn’t let our children poo in the street so why are we happy letting our dogs do it.

I wish one of the irresponsible owners would write in, name and address can be withheld, and give their side. I know it is not as bad as it used to be but one pile is one pile too many.

The Ed