Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Hello again Readers,

It is such a beautiful autumn afternoon,one forgets about all the rainy days we have had and revels in the beauty of the trees. However by the time you read this we will be into December and looking out on what? We just do not know and days like today will simply be a memory.

I don't know if you realise that The Crier has been running for 4 years, the first edition being delivered to your homes on the beginning of December 2008. We on the committee have learnt quite a bit in that time. We would dearly like more of YOU, the recipients, to contribute. The Crier is yours and so it is up to eveyone to help to keep it going by sending in your news and views. No matter how trivial it may seem to yourself it will be of interest to many others; so, don't be shy, share your thoughts and ideas with others. Remember, if you wish to have your name and address withheld you simply make this request when you send in your contribution.

Also it would be helpful to have news from more of the organisations with dates of meetings etc. We would like  to produce a DIARY of EVENTS in The Crier. This would be helpful to all especially when it comes to arranging one off events and so avoid a clash. I know The Crier comes out quarterly but most organisations have fixed dates so to give these 3 months ahead should not create a problem. It would also provide information to new people coming to live in the area.

Another item I think we should have is a Personal Column, intimations of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations etc. Not everyone buys The Courier nor the P.A.

I was disappointed there were only 3 entries in the Young Writers Competition but in retrospect it was maybe bad timing on our part, the closing date for entries being in the middle of school holidays. This will be changed for next year, the closing date to be 30th June 2013  so here's hoping for lots of competitors then. The winners of this years’ competition will receive their prizes at the distributors get-together on Thursday 6th December..


The winter activities are now in full swing, the clocks have changed and the dark nights are here again, although in saying that, as I write there is the most beautiful full moon so this night is not particularly dark.

Since the last issue, at the beginning of September, various events have taken place------The Clothes Swap, Garden Day, the Quiz Night in Cree's Inn, the event arranged by the Burns Club featuring Eddie Rose and the Art Exhibition in the Museum, all raising funds for different organisations in Abernethy. Since I no longer live in the village, I may have missed mentioning other events. If I have I hope someone involved will have put a report into The Crier.

What I was in was the Art Exhibition, a new venture for all the members of the social committee of the Museum. We were starting from scratch, having to construct stands, provide hooks and other hanging materials etc. Very much a learning experience, but to cut a long story short-----a great success and very much enjoyed by those involved. It is intended to hold a similar event next year.

By the time you have received this issue the Red Wine Company will have made its annual appearance in Abernethy so in reading the last 2 paragraphs you will realise the variety of things going on , something for everyone.

I guess I will have filled my allotted space and it is time for me to sign off and let you enjoy the contents of the December issue

My greetings to you all for Christmas and for the forthcoming year


                               Best wishes,  Hilda Clow.


I note with amusement Ms Sharman’s letter about why PKC are leaving the grass verges uncut. Abernethy must be the only place in Perthshire taking part in the bee and butterfly conservation, as it seems every other area has it verges mown to an inch of it’s life. Perth city is certainly not taking part in this, you could turn most of the open spaces into putting greens. Did I see the The Royal Dunkeld bowling club playing  a few ends on the verges of the A9? No! of course not, silly me.

Let’s focus on the positives of 2012 rather than the negatives

The Museum had new exhibits on display, however, the number of folks through the door were down. But a late boost came with the new event in October, the art exhibition.The exhibition was a great success and will hopefully be an annual event

The Olympic torch came through the villages and was welcomed by hundreds, probably never to happen again.

Another successful Williamson hall fete, raising needed money for the maintenance of our village hall. A great fund raising ceildh was held in the Williamson Hall, raising £1000 for the Village Project.

Newburgh does it all the time, Bridge of Earn are getting it together regularly, so why can’t Abernethy? I am talking about getting out and supporting our local events and organisations.

Drop us a line and let us know your views.