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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

JUNE 2012

Once again I start my contribution for The Crier from one of my favourite viewpoints. Regular readers will realise I am in Morar sitting at a table gazing over the sea to Eigg, Rum and Skye bathed in brilliant sun- shine. I have been outside all day today and the sun hasn't stopped shining. Has summer arrived? I also heard the cuckoo this afternoon so it seems to be pretty promising.

This time last year I was in the throes of selling Struan House and planning my removal. How quickly a year passes and how many changes take place in 12 months. Change is good and necessary, stagnation is about the worst thing which can occur. Without change we would still be living in the Dark Ages, living in mud huts and all that went along with that. However we must move on, we have lots to think about present day.

Last Sunday (as I write) was April 22nd, an eventful day on the Abernethy Calendar and I hope there are articles within the following pages about two events on that day. Nick Hine is to be congratulated on com- peting in the London Marathon and I am sure we would all be interested in reading a first hand account of his experience What is your next venture going to be Nick?

While on the subject of Marathons, Jill will have tak- en part in the Edinburgh half Marathon on the 27th May and I am sure will have had lots of support and sponsors in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The other event on April 22nd, of course, was Muckmedden which I am sure would have been a great fun day; the muckier the better, I guess and at that time,with all the rain we had it should have come up to full expectations

Don't forget Tuesday 12th June when the Olympic Flame will pass through will pass through Abernethy, en route to Dundee via Newburgh and Leuchars. This could be a life-time experience, seeing the actual flame------or rather one of them!

All the summer activities will be in full swing by the time you receive your copy of "The Crier".It is great to see the tennis courts looking so spick and span with the new surface and I am sure they will be well-used this summer. The gardeners had to make an early start this year. The false summer in March gave an early boost to growth so the lawn mowers had to be taken out of hibernation early. Not only were the mowers out early, so were the shorts and T-shirts but that certainly was a false hope; the jerseys and long trousers were soon out again!!

Once again Abernethy Dron and Arngask are looking for a new minister as Alex and Yvonne Wark have moved to Aberdeenshire. It seems no time since the Warks came to live in Abernethy, but there we are ---more change. Good to hear from our young reporter again with an additional contribution from another young person. Look out for the competition young people PRIZES to be WON!! Have a wonderful summer everyone and keep sending in your news and views. Hilda Clow


It is the season for fetes and galas.

The Williamson Hall committee is holding its fete again following the success of last year. There will be many more stalls this year, book stall, jumble stall, plant stall and of course teas and coffees. The surplus made from the fete goes to the upkeep of the village hall, your village hall. So please come out on Saturday 9th June in your droves and support the Hall.

Away back in May 2011 during that unseasonable storm the fish and the Saltire on the Round Tower were damaged. Later in that year Historic Scotland removed the flag and the fish and as yet it has not been replaced. The Tower is an official flag flying station and the fish is of great historical significance to Abernethy. The fish is there as a reminder of salmon fishing industry, that’s net salmon fishing. The industry employed many men in the village during the 18th, 19th and 20th century. I hope we are getting our flag and fish back soon.

Congratulations to the organisers of the Muckmedden mountain bike event held in Pitmedden forest above Abernethy on the weekend of the 21st April. Let’s hope this becomes an annual event.

I noticed today as I drove home through Aberargie and into Abernethy, the grass verges have been cut by the Council, or at least I think that is what they meant to do. Why is it they can’t use a mower the same width of the verge or run over it twice so it is cut properly, avoiding the fringe left along the side of the kerb. Perth has beautifully manicured grass, neat enough to play bowls on. How come there are different standards?

Have a great summer

The ED