Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

30th October 2018

Date of publication

1st December 2018


Both Abernethy and Aberargie have recently set up In Bloom Groups. Volunteers are coming together to improve the environment using gardening as a tool. Abernethy in Bloom launched at the Cree’s in mid January with lots of ideas on how to bring more colour to the village and encourage people to get involved.

You don’t have to be an expert or know anything at all about gardening just have an enthusiasm for and care passionately about your surroundings and where you live and work.

Thanks to all those who have already volunteered their time.

Abernethy Primary School is taking part and we are hoping to encourage all the various businesses in and around Abernethy to support us. As the weather warms up you will start to see more tubs and floral features around the village. We are going to hold a best summer tub and window box competition open to all - watch out for details. We will be helping the Horticultural Society re-development of Peattie’s Garden and continue the planting and tending of the Village Fruit Tree Trail. We will be planting lots of bulbs around the village in the Autumn. In December we want to hold a home-made produce and food fayre with lighting up and decoration of the village and a special Christmas tree in Nurse Peattie's Garden.

Next year we hope to develop an information map of all the green and beautiful places in the village to put in the Museum and other public locations and make Abernethy an even more attractive destination for visitors.

Hazel Gordon of Berryfields Tearoom has volunteered to be secretary of Abernethy in Bloom. If you would like to do something to help or have ideas on what features you would like to see in the village you can drop in and let her know or contact me carolinepboyle@hotmail.com 851190

For more details of both the Horticultural Society and Abernethy in Bloom please visit www.abernethyhorticultural.co.uk

JUNE 2015

Bloomin’ Marvellous

To celebrate the start-up of Abernethy in Bloom we want to encourage as many of the readers of the Crier as possible to help fill the village with flowers this summer. So, we are holding a competition to find the most beautiful planted container. Any container will do – tub, window box, hanging basket, trough, barrel, bowl, box – whatever you have that you can grow  something in. There are no formal requirements or strict rules as to size or what plants you can use and no particular theme. We just want you to create something colourful and eye-catching using whatever plants you like to brighten up your street or garden.

Containers should be visible from the road or pathway to make judging easy. Judging will take place in the last week of July and there will be prizes and a cup for the overall winner.

To enter, just complete the form printed below or download a form from

www.abernethyhorticultural.co.uk or collect one from Hazel at Berryfields Tearoom. Return it before the end of June indicating how many containers you are entering. All entrants will be notified in advance of precisely when judging will take place. Look out for our posters round the village too.


Bloomin’ Marvellous Container Competition

When we launched our Bloomin’ Marvellous competition in the last issue of the Crier we were not sure how many, if any, people would enter. We were really thrilled when we received forty-eight responses for our first (and hopefully annual) container competition entering either one or a whole gardenful of pots and hanging baskets. Despite the dismal summer to date there is a riot of colour in many gardens around the village to cheer up the grey days.

The judges had six main items on their check-list: choice and combination of plants, health and growth, use of colour and texture, the container itself, overall visual impact and how surroundings are enlivened. Many traditional bedding plants were at their peak of perfection. The begonia emerged as the star with some extraordinary displays in tubs and hanging baskets of glorious colour and phenomenal size. Fuchsias, petunias, violas, marigolds and lobelia looked pretty wherever they appeared. Traditional red geraniums stood out vibrantly against whitewashed walls. Lilies, dahlias, crocosmia, pinks, astilbe, agapanthus, roses, vinca and ivy varied and complemented displays. Doorways and windows were framed by colour and scent. The judging was very close with many half marks awarded and much discussion over endless cups of tea and coffee. There were so many lovely little details to note and definite personality and style emerged in what people had chosen to plant in their containers and how they presented them. In addition to private gardens, both Berryfields and the Inn entered and showed how small public spaces can be made to look attractive and inviting. Teacups amid the violas and lobelia at Berryfields and teapots filled with nasturtiums at the Inn. Certain streets deserve a special mention as they were transformed – Ballo Braes and Clunie Street both looked stunning. The judges remarked how many lovely gardens there are in Abernethy which should be celebrated and better known and enjoyed by more people. Suggestions for holding a Village Open Gardens event, and a best street/best garden competition in the future were made by several peo- ple. If you would be interested in taking part please get in touch.

The standard was high all round and decisions were difficult but taking very many factors into consideration, the winners are:

First prize: Margaret Cole, The Smiddy, 10 Main Street for a garden – front, back and side – full of gloriously healthy and colourful blooms in unusual containers.
Second: (joint) Elsa and Mike Thomson, East Bank Cottage, Perth Road. Both Elsa and Mike entered separately and both scored highly for quality, variety and overall impact.
Third: Chris Farmer, Gattaway. Although Chris entered only one item, his large tub at the bottom of the Gattaway Hill on the main road, this radiated a jewel-like brightness spilling over onto the surrounding grass with further plants amid the grass.
The winners will all receive vouchers and a cup will be presented to Margaret Cole.
Congratulations to them and to everyone who took the time to take part and who has made Abernethy a more beautiful place to live:
Fiona Duncan,
Liz Uttley,
Bill Christie,
Grace Thomson,
Pauline Jamieson,
Elizabeth Taylor,
Caroline Boyle,
Sheila Tuckett,
Vicky Kelly,
Lorraine Kinnear,
Maureen Corbishley,
Caroline Shedden-Brown,
Frank Cadger,
Carol Cadger,
John Hussen,
Linda Sinclair,
Tony Sargent,
Gill Boardman,
Dave & Celia King,
Norman Gordon,
Amanda Sutherland,
Christina Cleeton,
Susan McGhie,
Andrea Cardno,
Fiona Normand,
Sarah Normand,
Ali Ferguson,
Irene McLaren,
Jan Barrance,
Ian Bett,
Eve & Kevin,
R G MacDonald (Bob),
Chris Scott,
Keir Allen & Rachel Battilana,
William Sutherland,
Beth Gordon (at Berryfields),
Patricia Miller,
Caroline Haddow,
Susan Pettigrew,
Anne Brews,
Andy Duncan,
The Inn,
Iris Watson,
Louise Hetherington.

Many thanks must go to our guest judge and long-time Abernethy resident, Margaret Skinner.
Thanks too to Margaret Donaldson, In Bloom Treasurer, who twisted a few arms to persuade shy gardeners to enter.

Photos of the entries can be found at www.abernethyhorticultural.co.uk .

We hope you will also have noticed and are enjoying the Abernethy in Bloom containers around the village:
at the War Memorial,
at the bottom of School Wynd,
by the bus stop and
near the notice board by the Corn Kist.
These were made by Ian Lamond using old potato boxes generously donated by Branstons and the remains of an old IKEA bunk bed (101 things you can do with….) and filled with compost provided by Binn.

Our work in renovating Nurse Peattie’s garden continues. Thanks to everyone who is helping with watering, weeding and digging!

This is our first year as Abernethy in Bloom and we hope to develop our activities in years to come. We are intending to enter the national In Bloom competitions in 2016. If you would like to get involved with us please get in touch and we can tell you more - or let us have any ideas of what you would like to see Abernethy in Bloom do next.

Caroline Boyle (851190) Hazel Gordon (at Berryfields Tea Room) Margaret Donaldson (850881)

MARCH 2016

Abernethy in Bloom has just celebrated its first birthday and experienced a full year of what the weather can throw at us! The bulbs we planted in Nurse Peattie’s Garden last Autumn are beginning to make an appearance and offer hope that Spring is coming and this Winter’s driving wind and rain will not last forever. I am writing this at the end of January when we are all suffering a bit from cabin fever and wishing we had invested in sun lamps. However, we have also taken advantage of the dark days to plan for summer colour and look forward to getting outside again.

Dates for your diary

Saturday May 7 from 2-4 To mark the completion of phase one of our redevelopment of Nurse Peattie’s Garden, we shall be holding an event for all the family in the Garden. Please watch the village notice boards for more information. We would particularly like to invite and welcome anyone who was a patient of Nurse Peattie or knew her personally. We hope the event will have a few “medical” overtones.

Saturday July 30 Judging the second annual Abernethy Container competition and our new Best Street competition. After the success of last year’s Bloomin’ Marvellous event we are hoping for even more en- tries this year. We have also had a request for an award for the Best Bloomin’ Street. Further details and entry forms will appear in the next issue of the Crier.

Village planters We are aiming to have more of the green and cream planters this year – including at the two ends of the village. Following various comments and requests we are going to fill them with bolder and brighter colour. If any of the village businesses or associations would like to sponsor a planter, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Christmas tree and Christmas lights fund Some of you may have witnessed our valiant attempts at putting up and decorating our very large and beautiful Christmas tree which stood near the roundabout by the fence in Nurse Peattie’s Garden over the Festive season. We put it up not once but twice! The terrific gales in early December felled the tree when the base gave way. Thanks to Perth and Kinross Council’s rapid response team who arrived with 28 bags of concrete the base was restored. Joint efforts by the Community Council and Abernethy in Bloom with help from some hefty farm machinery from the Baird family and stout wire from Jimmy Swan saw the tree heaved back into place only hours before the Carol Service in the garden on 11 December. The storms abated just long enough for a good crowd to come along and for singing to take place. We were delighted to raise £130 – half for the Church and half for the Christmas lights fund.

Together with a range of other donations which came in following Les McIntosh’s article and appeal in the last Crier, the fund has now reached £525. This is a great start towards the £1800 we need and sincere thanks are due to everyone who has contributed to date. We will continue to raise funds and welcome further donations until early May.

If you have not already contributed and would like to, Les McIntosh has set up a JustGiving website (he gives full details about this elsewhere in this issue of the Crier). We will also keep our collection tin in the shop. You can see progress towards our target on the thermometer in Nurse Peattie’s Garden and on the village notice boards. Here you can also find details of all our activities.

If you would like to get involved with the work of Abernethy in Bloom and help make our village an even more beautiful place to live, work and visit, please get in touch. Caroline Boyle on behalf of Abernethy in Bloom carolinepboyle@hotmail.com

JUNE 2016


Nurse Peattie’s Garden - 50th Birthday

On 7 May we celebrated 50 years of Nurse Peattie’s with a party to mark the end of Phase 1 of renovations to the garden.  About 60 people came along on one of the first warm days of the gardening season and we were delighted to welcome three representatives of the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland to unveil the new sign and begin a new era for the garden. We had a lovely feature article in the Courier which provided personal testimony of a much loved figure. If you haven’t visited Nurse Peattie’s recently please do go along and sit on one of the benches and relax in the sunshine.  We hope we have made a place people will enjoy and want to make greater use of.  There is a new fence, new gravel, new walling, replanted beds and various features designed to honour Nurse Peattie’s long career in the village.  Renovation work was a great team effort by all in Abernethy in Bloom with generous help and support from Abernethy Horticultural Society, Perth and Kinross Council, local firms Branston, Binn, FSEW Ltd, and Jamesfield Garden Centre.  Special thanks are due to Frank Cadger who did the wonderful joinery for the new sign at the entrance to the garden. The children in Mrs Hepburn’s class at the Primary School held a competition to make special welcome posters for the event and Lucy Jones aged 7 designed the winning poster. Due to a very generous donation from Branston we are now in a position to start Phase 2 of our works which will include new steps and handrail, the cleaning of the memorial stones and a new archway.

Christmas Lights Fund

Hot off the press news is that we have reached our target of £2,000 for the installation of electricity in the garden and purchase of Christmas lights.  Thanks to everyone in the village who donated to Abernethy in Bloom or via the Just Giving site.  The whip round we held on May 7 got us to the finishing post.  We hope to make Christmas in Abernethy even more special this year.

Bloomin’ Marvellous Container Competition

Last year we launched the Abernethy Container Competition and had a fantastic number of entrants from all parts of the village. We are running the competition again this year with a judging date of the last Saturday in July.  Like last year we are looking for the most beautiful planted container.  Any container will do – tub, window box, hanging basket, trough, barrel, whatever you have that you can grow something in.  There are no formal rules as to size or what plants to use and no particular theme.  The judges will be looking for something healthy, colourful and eye-catching which brightens up your street or garden.

Containers should be visible from the road or pathway to make judging easy.  Prizes for first, second and third places will be awarded.

We have also been asked to run a second competition for the best Bloomin’ street. So why not try and persuade your neighbours to enter and have a go at winning the best street, road, wynd prize.

To enter just complete the form below or download a form from:www.abernethyhorticultural.co.uk or pick one up from the following:

Maureen Corbishley 1 Ballo Braes
Bill Christie 31 Castlelaw Crescent
Margaret Donaldson Rowan Bank Back Dykes
Ian Lamond 12 The Glebe
or the front desk at the Museum.

Return it by the end of June indicating how many containers you are entering.  All entrants will be notified in advance of when judging will take place.

Look out for posters round the village too.

As summer fast approaches Abernethy in Bloom will be planting up our own containers throughout the village.  We are aiming to make a very colourful splash this year.

If you would like to get involved with the work of Abernethy in Bloom - and we always welcome new people - please get in touch.

Ian Lamond  Chairman  &  Caroline Boyle  Secretary  Abernethy in Bloom



Our second annual Bloomin’ Marvellous competition was judged on Saturday July 30.  We had 45 entries and the judges had some very difficult decisions to make.  They were really impressed by the imagination and quality of all the entries and the consistently high standards. There were so many delights for the eye. It was evident just how much people love their gardens and their pots.  Even the darkest and most unpromising corners were transformed.  The Begonia still rules as the most vibrant and popular bloom but coming up hard on its heels this year there was a sea of Nasturtiums, Alstromeria, Bacopa, Cosmos, Osteospermum and multi-coloured Pansies. A wide variety of containers were used.  Wishing wells were particularly in vogue for 2016 with tea pots, chamber pots and wellington boots all in service. Some people had even made their own containers. Exciting colour combinations including what one contestant called the Sweetie Shop look, different textures and gorgeous fragrances all enhanced the judging experience.

The winners of the Container competition for 2016 are:

First   Lorna Irving of Wallflower Cottage, Back Dykes

Second   Gill Boardman of 5 Sutherland Crescent

Third   Elsa & Mike Thompson of Eastbank Cottage, Perth Road

They all receive prizes of garden vouchers.

Congratulations to them and to everyone who took the time to take part and who has made Abernethy a more beautiful place to live: Fiona Duncan, Sheena McNaughton,  Bill Christie, Pauline Jamieson, Elizabeth Taylor, Karen Laing, Lorraine Kinnear, Judith Tait, Hilary Sharman, Donald Fairbairn, Hannah and Max Morrison,  Sheila Tuckett, Maureen Corbishley, Caroline Shedden-Brown, Frank & Carol Cadger, John Hussen, Linda Sinclair, Tony Sargeant,  Dave & Celia King,  Amanda Sutherland, Eileen Webster, Christina Cleeton, Andrea Cardno, Mitch Shaw,  Fiona Normand, Jan Barrance, Ian Bett, Chris Scott, Val Black, Keir Allen & Rachel Battilana, William Sutherland, Patricia Miller, Caroline Haddow, Anne Brews, Andy Duncan, Margaret Cole, Margaret Folan, Anne & Allistair Hollingsworth, Mr & Mrs Manos, Chris Farmer.

We also held our first Best Bloomin’ Street competition.  Only one mark separated first and second places and all six entries were highly commended.  It was particularly hard to judge these very varied locations – made even more difficult by Abernethy’s unique topography. How does the postman ever find his way!?  The winner was Ballo Braes and tied in joint second were Main Street and the Glebe. Station Road was given a special mention as having done great things to improve the area surrounding the horses’ field which is now neatly mown with its own special containers.  Clunie Street and the lower part of Kirk Wynd were also a pleasure to visit and see how something done for individual enjoyment can also result in something lovely for everyone to share.

Photos of the entries can be seen on the Abernethy in Bloom notice board outside the Corn Kist.  A slideshow of entries and photo album can be found on the blog page of  www.abernethyhorticultural.co.uk We hope even more people will consider entering the competition in 2017.

Caroline Boyle, Secretary,
Abernethy in Bloom


You may already have heard the good news that in early September Abernethy in Bloom received a Silver Gilt medal for our work around the village from the judges of Take a Pride in Perthshire. We were also thrilled to receive the Best Newcomer prize 2015-16. We were presented with our awards by the Provost of Perth at a ceremony in the Salutation Hotel. The judges made an inspection visit to Abernethy a few weeks earlier to look at projects such as Nurse Peattie’s Garden and to get a sense of how well the village is cared for and whether it is a good place to live. The days leading up to the visit were a frenzy of last minute weeding and watering, with a mass sweeping of roads and paths. Our small team was delighted to be joined on Main Street/School Wynd by several ladies who were watching our progress and decided to come out and help - with brooms! So many people have helped us in this first full year as Abernethy in Bloom whether on a weekly basis or lending a hand once in a while. We are very grateful to all of them for their commitment and gift of precious time. We are always looking for new volunteers who can offer individual skills for the good of the village as a whole whether it be gardening, painting, joinery , general D I Y, cleaning – you name it. If you would like to get involved in some way or would like to know more of our plans for 2017, please get in touch. The success of this year has inspired us to go for Gold!

In mid-October with Autumn on the way we emptied the village containers of their summer bedding and replanted with bulbs, wallflowers, pansies and violas. We put in about 1,000 bulbs so fingers crossed for a glorious show when Spring arrives.

Finally – a date for your diaries. Thanks to your generosity we raised all the funds needed for our electricity supply to Nurse Peattie’s Garden which will power a blaze of new Christmas lights for the village Christmas tree. The big festive Switch on will take place in the garden on Friday December 9 at 6pm. There will be posters around the village as reminders. You are all invited to come along and help light up the night sky in readiness for a wonderful Christmas 2016.

Caroline Boyle

Secretary, Abernethy in Bloom (tel: 851190)

MARCH 2017

First, a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Christmas lights switch-on in Nurse Peattie’s Garden on Friday 9 December.  The tree looked magical.  We were overwhelmed and wonderfully surprised by the numbers who came along and by everyone’s friendliness and their Festive goodwill.  We have a few innovations and improvements already planned for next Christmas and hope to see you all again -  a year older and wiser!

It is frosty and foggy outside today but we have the 2017 gardening season to look forward to.  Snowdrops and bulbs are peeping through the frozen soil ready for Spring. Our containers and baskets will be planted up in May for the summer.  We shall be adding more containers – particularly at the Newburgh end of the village and by popular demand would really like to have hanging baskets the length of Main Street.  This will mean regular watering and to do this properly we will need a few more volunteers.  If anyone on Main Street would be willing to adopt a basket – which would mean watering  every other day – please contact me or one of the other people named at the bottom of this article. Similarly, if you know a spot in the village which you think could benefit from some floral beautification, please let us know.  One suggestion is to paint and then place flower boxes on the metal railings on the main road at Back Dykes.

You may have noticed that Perth & Kinross Council has cleared away some of the trees by the burnside in Nurse Peattie’s garden and removed the twin conifers which used to stand by the gate.  This was done because some of the trees were diseased and unhealthy, others were blocking light and preventing growth of shrubs and plants beneath them.  This year we will be making a big effort to replant the burnside with lower growing plants which will show off the stone bridge and provide new and interesting vistas from the garden.  We have plans for a new entrance structure over the gate and the planting of fragrant roses and other climbers.

We shall also be taking care of the Fruit Tree Trail which is beginning to blossom in different parts of the village and surroundings.

In June we are taking part in the Abernethy Village Open Gardens day on Saturday 24 June from 10 – 6. This is being organised by the Horticultural Society. More information on this can be found at:


The last weekend in July will see our annual Bloomin’ Marvellous Village container and best Bloomin’ Street competitions.  If you haven’t taken part yet please think about doing it in 2017.

Abernethy in Bloom’s regular weekly evening planting, tidy-up and maintenance sessions will begin on the first Monday of April in Nurse Peattie’s.  If you would like to help, please come along -  no knowledge of gardening required - and you will be warmly welcomed.  For information on all our activities, plans, dates and times please look on the Green notice board outside the Cornkist or speak to one of the following:Caroline Boyle 851190,  Ian Lamond 850186 ,   Margaret Donaldson 850881 , Bill Christie 850495, Sonia Simmers 850705, John Hussen 850160, Maureen Corbishley 850118, Chris Farmer 851001, Barbara Baird 850116 .

JUNE 2017

By the time you read this we should have planted up our village containers and hanging baskets for the summer. You will see we have spruced up and painted the railings at Back Dykes. This will be our newest location for tubs. We are always seeking new areas in the village so if you have suggestions for places which need some colour, please let us know. Thanks very much to Jack at Branston for his dedicated paintwork. Work is also advanced on our new feature for Nurse Peattie’s Garden which is a specially commissioned rose arbour over the gate made for us by Chris K.

Last year saw the second annual Abernethy Container Competition. We had a fantastic number of entrants from all parts of the village. We are running the competition again this year with a judging date of the last Saturday in July. We are looking for the most beautiful planted container or containers which really help to enliven the garden or space they are in and bring a splash of colour to please the passer-by too. Any sort of container will do – tub, window box, hanging basket, trough, barrel, whatever you have that you can grow something in. We are keeping it informal with no hard and fast rules as to size or what plants to use and no particular theme. The judges will be looking for something healthy, colourful and eye-catching which brightens up your street or garden. There are no age limits for entrants and we would be delighted if children would like to have a go.

Containers should be visible from the road or pathway to make judging easy. Prizes for first, second and third places will be awarded.

We are again also holding our Best Bloomin’ Street competition. So why not try and persuade your neighbours to enter and have a go at winning the best street, road, wynd and beat last year’s blazing winners Ballo Braes.

Our Monday night weeding and maintenance sessions are in full swing so if you would like to get involved with the work of Abernethy in Bloom - and we always welcome new people - please come along to Nurse Peattie’s from 5 pm and join us.

Ian Lamond Chair & Caroline Boyle Secretary

Abernethy in Bloom


We held our third Bloomin’ Marvellous container and Best Bloomin’ Street competition on Saturday 29th July with a record 50 entries.  This year we also included a teen and young shoot section.  In spite of dodging showers, the three judges really enjoyed the experience of seeing how something completely original and individual can be created from fairly similar basic ingredients. The choice of plant, combination of colour and texture, use of different shape and scale, and where the container was sited made comparison difficult and a decision on an ultimate winner even harder.

There were so many outstanding entries adorning gardens large and small, brightening up alleyways and making steps and front doorways more welcoming.  You can see what the judges saw as there is a selection of photos taken on the day on the notice board outside the Cornkist and on the Abernethy Facebook page.

Unusual and imaginative containers this year included a pair of old work boots and a pair of terracotta pots in form of Classical faces at Ivy Cottage, a step ladder at Te Rehur in Clunie Street, an old wooden horse collar in Kirk Wynd, a painted dining table with drawer used for herbs at NaeView, brightly painted food tins in Main Street, plus a range of old industrial and farming implements, chimney pots and wicker baskets. One entrant had been inspired by finding wheat growing in her pots to create a special display relating to the history and former use of her house as a bakery.  The time. effort and thought which people had put in to make such excellent entries was truly appreciated. The most popular colour combinations this year were red, white and blue (can we read anything into this?) and shades in the pink to mauve and purple range.  Despite earlier generations feeling yellow to be an unlucky colour it is now gaining in popularity.  Top of  the Flower Charts - lobelia was everywhere in huge clouds, with nemesia in many shades, unusual frilly petunias, and lots of lilies.  The Begonia still rules though in yellow, white, red, apricot and orange. Striking butterfly and other wildlife ornaments also added to the interest and quirkiness of some of the entries.  It was the vibrant colours on a grey day which really stood out and the fragrance of honeysuckle and lavender in particular also made a strong impact on the judges.

For their total exuberance the 2017 winners are:

First  Tony Sargent 7 Ballo Braes

Second  Linda Sinclair 15 Ballo Braes

Third  Caroline Haddow corner of Main Street/Kirk Wynd.

Best teen      Jamie Reid   

Best young shoot   Bertie Farmer

They all receive prizes of vouchers.

Ballo Braes won the title Best Bloomin’ Street for the second year running.  Can anyone beat them?  Congratulations to all our winners.

It is a real privilege to be able to look into other people’s gardens and to step into their private worlds. So a big thankyou to everyone who put their pots on display and invited us round to have a look: Fiona Duncan, Pauline Jamieson, Elizabeth Taylor, Lorraine Kinnear, Judith Tait,  Donald Fairbairn, Sheila Tuckett, Maureen Corbishley, Barbara Baird, Caroline Shedden-Brown, Frank Cadger, John Hussen, Linda Sinclair, Tony Sargent, Gill Boardman, Dave and Celia King, Eileen Webster, Andrea Cardno, Mitch Shaw,  Fiona Normand, Ian Bett,  William Sutherland, Patricia Miller, Caroline Haddow, Anne Brews, Andy Duncan, Elsa & Mike Thompson, Margaret Cole, Margaret Folan, Lorna Irving, Anne and Allistair Hollingsworth, Chris Farmer,  Bertie Farmer, Dorothy Hosie, Sylvia Wallace, Heather Martin, Mrs Cameron, The Abernethy Museum, Jamie Reid, Wilma White, Susan Pettigrew, Jimmy Swan, Dr Booth and Alison Booth, Rosie MacDonald, Sonia Simmers, Margaret and George, and Leslie Bisset.

A final thank you must go to Margaret Donaldson who is the main organiser of this event and chief armtwister when it comes to persuading the unwilling to have a go. We hope even more of you will consider entering Bloomin’ Marvellous in 2018.  

                                           Caroline Boyle


                                          Abernethy in Bloom


First of all please note a special date for your diary: The Annual Christmas Tree lighting at Nurse Peattie’s Garden will take place on Friday 8 December at 6.30pm kindly sponsored by Branston.  Come and meet your friends and neighbours - everyone is welcome to help celebrate the Festive Season with carols, mince pies, mulled wine and a few Winter surprises.  There will be posters around the village to remind you.

Now that Autumn is here and we have had the first frosts, we have been busy emptying the containers in the village of their summer bedding and planting tulips and daffodils for the Spring. We have cleared and planted up the burnside in the garden for the first time and are looking forward to glorious colour in 2018.

You may have noticed various innovations in Nurse Peattie’s this year.  Thanks to the generosity of Margaret Cole and family and friends at the Abernethy Bowling Club we were able to put up a special rose arbour over the gate. This was created in honour of her late husband David Cole and built for us by locally-based craftsman Chris K. We hope that in years to come it will be smothered in yellow roses. We held a small opening ceremony in September when Margaret planted the first rose bush.

We also have some new stone steps and a much sturdier handrail between the top and lower parts of the garden.  Thanks very much to Mitch Shaw, John Hussen and Bill Christie for all their work on this project.

We were thrilled in the summer by the thoughtful kindness of one Abernethy lady who to celebrate her own 90th birthday asked her friends and family not for something for herself but to donate to Abernethy in Bloom.  We have not spent the money yet but when we do we shall raise our trowels and salute  Beryl Lowe.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2017 in so many ways.  If anyone would like to join us in our work in the New Year, please get in touch.  We look forward to 2018 and another twelve months of growth.

                       Caroline Boyle, Secretary 851190

MARCH 2018

Writing this on another cold, frosty night but thinking positively have just ordered lots of seeds to sow next month and am dreaming of masses of summer colour and scent.

Our group met in mid-January to discuss activities for the year ahead.  We’re hoping to add more In Bloom features around the village. So, if all goes to plan, look out for an old cart, a  boat or two, some extra planters and a new flower bed.  We are losing our current information board by the Cornkist but will have a new wooden waterproof leaflet holder in Nurse Peattie’s Garden.  We will be entering the countywide Take a Pride in Perthshire competition again this year which will be judged in July/August.  There are now 47 separate In Bloom groups within Perth and Kinross all vying for those prized Gold medals!  

Key Diary dates for 2018 are:

Monday 19 March  19.30 - AGM at the Session House

Saturday 5 May 10-5 -  Nurse Peattie’s takes part in the Abernethy Open Gardens event

From Saturday 26 May - Planting up summer bedding around the village

Saturday 28 July – Judging the 4th annual Village Container Competition – (entry forms available in June)

Saturday 13 October – Planting  Autumn Bulbs

Friday 7 December 18.30 – Annual Christmas tree lighting event

We begin our weekly weeding, planting, watering and tidying sessions at the beginning of April.

We have expanded our activities in the village in the three years since we established and are keen to do more but to be honest we are not getting any younger!!  If there are people out there of any age who would like to help make Abernethy an even lovelier place to live, work and visit – please get involved and get in touch.  No horticultural knowledge required and absolute beginners welcome.  At just an hour or so a week it is just what the doctor ordered for your health and wellbeing and a good way to meet people!

And finally … we are delighted to announce we have been awarded £1,000 from the Tesco Bags of Help fund to boost our work in 2018.  A big thankyou to everyone who took the time to put their tokens in the Abernethy in Bloom box at the supermarket.

Looking forward to a great gardening year.

Caroline Boyle, Secretary Abernethy in Bloom (tel:  851190)

JUNE 2018

What we had hoped was a start to the warmer weather has fallen back slightly to it being colder but never the less forecasted as normal for this time of year. Despite this change in the weather colour has once again returned to the village. Having seen the snowdrops and the crocuses we now have a wonderful splash of yellow from the multitude of daffodils in full bloom followed closely by the tulips. We have already ordered plants and hanging baskets for the summer planting which will take place around the end of May.  This will to add to another year of colour throughout the village in 2018.

Maintenance at Nurse Peattie’s by our small band of volunteers began again in March. If you have been to the garden lately I am sure you will agree that it is starting to look even better than last year. The ‘Bloomers’ are currently working hard to get the garden ready for the Abernethy Open gardens event on Saturday the 5th May.  We are hoping you will all come out to support Keir Allen and his band of volunteers who have organised the event. However, could we just mention that a number of the Slate Signs for the identification of the plants in Nurse Peattie’s garden have mysteriously disappeared not once but three times. You will appreciate the work that is required to provide these. If you can help solve this, we would appreciate any information to advise on where they may have been relocated.

Abernethy In Bloom (AIB) held its AGM on the 19th March. Unfortunately, Caroline (Boyle) due to personal commitments has had to stand down as Secretary. It is a sad loss as Caroline has held this position since the formation of AIB in 2015. A vote of thanks was given to Caroline for her leadership in directing the Group on the successful development of improvements to Nurse Peattie’s and her hard work as AIB secretary. Caroline will never the less remain a supportive influence within AIB.

At the AGM Ian (Lamond) stood down as Chair and was supported to take over the position as AIB Secretary. Sonia (Simmers) has taken the Chair of AIB and Margaret (Donaldson) remains as the AIB Treasurer.  As community members of AIB, when required, others will lead on the development of projects throughout the year.  

Once again, our Christmas Tree Lights Switch On was a huge success with what is thought to be the majority of the community attending to take part in the festive singing, refreshments and eats. It is anticipated we will continue to have these community gatherings in ever greater numbers in coming  years.

Since our last update for the Crier, refurbishment of the Horse Cart has been completed. The final painting and location at the entrance to Branston was carried out with the assistance of the Branston staff. The cart will now be included for Summer planting at the end of May.  Progress on the Boat and Plant bed projects will be taken in the latter half of 2018.

In 2016 AIB entered the Pride In Perthshire competition for the first time and were successful in attaining a Silver Gilt and Best New Entry award.  It was decided to have a break from competition in 2017 as we developed a number of projects in Nurse Peattie’s garden.  We feel we are now ready to enter for Pride In Perthshire 2018 and would like to do even better than 2016.However, as in 2016, success is very much dependent on the participation of the whole village. While Nurse Peattie’s garden will be a focal point, judging includes the overall floral and community spirit demonstrated. AIB, while representing the village, therefore ask for your support to help with the visual display of flowers and plants outside and or adjacent to your properties. Cleanliness and weed free appearance of the village will feature strongly in the marks we obtain from the judges. This year we are working closely with the School and Scout Group having taken over maintenance of the Powrie Park Sensory Garden from the Abernethy Environmental Association (AEA). AEA on closing their organisation have been generous and awarded AIB with a substantial sum of money which will go towards development of the sensory garden and future projects. The school had an Eco day when we assisted to give advice to the students, for the planting of a number of pots with violas and pansies. The Beavers were also active in 2017 and in 2018 with the planting and maintenance of their Planter opposite Nurse Peattie’s Garden. These activities greatly enhance the marking given by the Judges for our involvement to assist our younger residents.

More detail on our entry for Pride In Perthshire will be provided when the judging date is confirmed.


You will be aware of the ever increasing number of floral displays throughout the village. This is an appeal for your help with the watering of these. Without your help we will become limited as we are now, on how many more containers and hanging baskets we can provide for display, especially during the summer months. Therefore, if you live adjacent or near to any of these displays your help to keep them watered would be a huge help. If you can help with the watering, please let us know so that we can lighten the burden on the few who keep our village bright and colourful through Spring, Summer and Autumn. Also, if you would like to join us to help with the gardening, we would be pleased to welcome you, at any age, to join the Group. No horticultural knowledge required and absolute beginners welcome.  You will see us at Nurse Peattie’s garden every Monday afternoon. If keen to join us please let us know.

Key Diary dates for 2018 are:

Saturday 5 May 10-5 -  Nurse Peattie’s takes part in the Abernethy Open Gardens event

From Saturday 26 May - Planting up summer bedding around the village

Pride in Perthshire Judging – Date to be advised

Saturday 28 July – Judging the 4th annual Village Container Competition – (entry forms available in June)

Saturday 13 October – Planting  Autumn Bulbs

Friday 7 December 1830 – Annual Christmas tree lighting event


Ian Lamond, Secretary

Abernethy in Bloom
 (Tel:  850186)


Since our last update in May our dedicated band of volunteers have been working hard to plant all our containers for the summer. We have received such great feedback from the community about how good all the container, railing and hanging basket displays look this year. It makes it all worthwhile. However, it doesn’t end there. This very hot spell of weather has meant that the extra watering required has been an additional burden on what would normally be expected. We therefore thank all those who are helping with the watering to give the displays that extra TLC. Our new water pump rig, designed and built in house by Abernethy In Bloom has played a huge role in aiding the watering task. In the meantime, work continues to keep Nurse Peattie’s Garden a welcome place to share with allNurse Peattie’s Garden was looking especially colourful for the Open garden event on the 5th May. The spring flowering was admired by all who visited the garden from far and wide. The Burnside, a development project for this year, was looking especially colourful and was a hit with the visitors. Abernethy In Bloom received a welcome financial contribution by way of a percentage of the funds collected on the day.

To help with the identification of plants in Nurse Peattie’s garden, a task to number and list all the planting in the garden is appreciated by all visitors. Copies of the plant listing are available at the entrance to the garden.

Following successful completion of the horse cart, it has been planted for the summer and is now looking particularly colourful. To celebrate its completion, Douglas Sinclair of East Dron farm, who had made the cart available to us, was joined by Abernethy In Bloom and Branston staff for a photo shoot to record the return of the cart to its former glory. Many hours had been given to refurbishment of the cart before it was given its final coat of paint and a new location at the entry to the Branston potato packing site.. There may just have been a touch of magic with a few golden additions. The Branston staff have also helped with the restoration of the original Fruit Tree Trail including the Williamson Hall park fruit trees, the blueberry hedge, and the four fruit tree beds at Powrie Park. Wild flower seeds donated by the Kew gardens project will be added to the beds for display next year.  

The Beavers’ planter has been moved from opposite Nurse Peattie’s Garden to take pride of place in Powrie Park where it has been planted up and cared for by the Beavers. The Sensory Garden now has a well maintained look and with help from Abernethy In Bloom is being carefully looked after by the Cubs. These activities will play an important part in the forthcoming judging for ‘Pride In Perthshire’ and ‘Beautiful Scotland’ events.    

Abernethy ‘Pride In Perthshire’ judging will take place on Thursday 2nd August between 1200 and 1330. We were also encouraged to enter the judging for ‘Beautiful Scotland’ which will take place on the 8th August between 1600 and 1800. The proposed routes for both competitions are similar; starting at the Memorial on Main Street, School Wynd, Powrie Park via Station Road, returning along Back Dykes via the roundabout at Brandywell Road passing the school and ending at Nurse Peattie’s Garden.

This year we are hoping to improve on our success in 2016 when we were awarded a Silver Gilt and Best New Entry award. How successful we are being very much dependent on the participation of the whole village. It is therefore good to see the increase in additional floral displays being displayed by the community.

Judging for the fourth Village Container and Best Street competition took place on the 28th July and despite a change in the weather to a wet and windy day, the village community excelled with their beautiful floral displays with a bumper entry for this year’s competition. Support for this annual competition increases each year adding to the display of colour throughout the village. A sample of the pot displays will be located at the Museum to catch the ‘Pride In Perthshire’ and ‘Beautiful Scotland’ judges eye as an example of the Abernethy community’s involvement in all we do.

Ideas for development of the grass area at Hatton Road continue to be received which supports the initiative to develop this space into a community rest area. A review of the ideas submitted will be considered in the autumn before an application for funding is made.

Our project to refurbish two old sailing boats is on hold as we have been unable to locate a covered area where the work required could be progressed in the latter part of the year.  If anyone has or knows of a covered area that could be made available to Abernethy In Bloom over the autumn and winter months, we would appreciate your help to make it available for our use.


If you would like to join us to help keep Abernethy bright and cheerful, we would be pleased to welcome you, at any age, to join Abernethy In Bloom. No horticultural knowledge required and absolute beginners welcome.  You will see us at Nurse Peattie’s garden every Monday afternoon. If keen to join us please let us know or just come along.

Key Diary dates for 2018 are:

Saturday 28 July – Judging the fourth annual Village Container Competition

Thursday 2nd August – Pride In Perthshire judging 1200 to 1330

Wednesday 8th August – Beautiful Scotland judging 1600 to 1800

Saturday 13 October – Planting autumn bulbs

Friday 7 December 1830 – Annual Christmas tree lighting event

 Ian Lamond, Secretary Abernethy in Bloom (Tel:  850186)


Abernethy In Bloom and Branston got together with farmer Douglas Sinclair of East Dron Farm to record completion of the Horse Cart refurbishment project.

Douglas Sinclair helped rescue the cart from a field at his farm and after many hours of hard work in all weathers, the cart was restored to its former glory by members of Abernethy In Bloom and Branston staff. Branston gave the cart it final coats of paint before helping to move the cart to its new location at the entrance to the Branston Potato Packing Site.

The cart was completed in time for summer planting by Abernethy In Bloom and maintained by Branston to provide a wonderful display of colour for all the community to admire.                    Ian Lamond