Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


[Dear Readers,

We are now approaching the end of July, more than half way through summer and as I put pen to paper I am sitting at a table looking over one of the most beautiful views in Scotland, watching the tide ebb over the Sands of Morar and the more distant outline of the Island of Eigg. The peace and tranquility are wonderful and I just wish I could share this with all of you.

 The last time I was preparing my contribution for The Crier was mid-May, before all the summer activities really got going so this edition will be one of looking back and looking forward.

Just after the last issue the main event of the summer took place----- Yes! THE GALA. As usual all watched the weather forecasts and waited with bated breath. This year we were fortunate. Although cold, the rain stayed away and a good crowd enjoyed a happy afternoon, buying and selling, taking part in events and visiting the many and varied side-shows, ranging from the Human Fruit Machine to relaxing Head Massage and Manicures, from Ceramics to Squirrels and Birds of Prey. The Crier was present too, looking very authentic, complete with bell. A full report on the whole of Gala Week is included in this issue.

 Quite a number of people from Abernethy and Aberargie have taken part in various events outside the area. Kirsty Graham and Bella travelled to Nottingham to take part in an equestrian event more of which is revealed within the pages of this issue. Several people took part in the sabotaged Cycle Race which was widely reported in the Press, one person at least took part in a Ladies Marathon and one in the Moon Walk in Edinburgh. These are events I've been told about by paticipants, maybe there have been others and I just haven't heard.

By the time The Crier goes to print we will be thinking of autumn and winter activities. The school will have re-opened after the holidays, new children setting out on the journey of education, others having left Abernethy to go on to Senior School in Perth. The Horticultural Society has risen from the ashes, the Craft Fair will be taking place on the 24th October, the WRI, the Badminton Club, Auld Abernethy, Cubs, Guides etc will be preparing for theiir new sessions.

Perhaps we could introduce a DIARY of EVENTS into The Crier but we can only produce what information is given to us. We would also like to receive for publication letters and comments from you out there.

There are now collection boxes in the village, in the Corner Shop, Brian,s and The Culdees Tearoom. All donations gratefully received!

 Appropriately enough as I draw my article to its close I see the flood tide has now covered the Morar sands and Eigg is shrouded in mist. So ends my draft copy; the next stage when I am back in Abernethy is fingers on keyboard to Jimmy, not quite the same ring as pen to paper, but one must move with the times.

Thank you to all our contributors, till the next time.
Hilda Clow.