Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022



Dear Readers,

Thanks must be given to those who donated so generously to get the Newsletter off the ground, viz David Anstice, Branston Ltd and John McGregor.

Thanks also must be extended to those who gave their time to help with the distribution thus ensuring a speedy delivery----- volunteers are always welcome. Whilst on the subject of distribution, please let any member of the committee know of any household that did not receive a copy of the Crier. This is the only way to be sure that we have the correct number of copies avaible.

The first "Crier" has been greeted with enthusiasm.The feeling I get is that it brings people together by the sharing of news, which is all important in village life. Being a relatively small community it is important to share our views, interests and to be aware of all the associations, clubs etc in the village.

While writing this, at the end of January,I realise I am thinking of events which have been and gone and those yet to come; reports on events which have taken place and plans for those in the future----in fact we are already looking as far forward as June---"THE GALA"and even into October "THE CRAFT FAIR" Being a quarterly issue at present the next Crier will be out at the beginning of June; winter activities well and truly finished, summer in full swing (we hope), and looking towards autumn again; oh yes! the passage of time.

The Committee looks forward to receiving articles from more and more of you out there-----FOR SALE,  WANTED, COMMENTS (controversial or otherwise), MATTERS of INTEREST,IDEAS and so on. YOU WRITE IT WE'LL PRINT IT. As we become more expert and ambitious photographs will also be welcome.

 In this issue I am listing an e-mail addresses as well as the phone numbers of the committee to facilitate contact.

Contributions for the next "CRIER"should be in the hands of the committee by 30th April for publication on 1st June.

Have a good read.  

Hilda Clow.