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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


If you are having difficulty getting through to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau Advice Line you could try the new Tayside Advice Project.

This offers  an e-mail advice service at advice.tayside@casonline.org.uk You give as much  information as possible  and  say how you would like a reply – e-mail, telephone or a written reply. You should hear within 5 working days.

There is also a telephone helpline at 0845 296 1010.  The opening hours are ; Tuesday 8am-10am, Wednesday 4pm-5pm, Thursday 2pm-4.30pm, Friday 8am-10am, last Saturday of each month10am-noon.

The difference between this and the normal helpline (01738 624301, weekdays, 10am-3.45pm) is that if you call out of hours or the line is busy you can leave a message and the adviser will contact you on the next working day.

As with the main bureau  there is general information on a wide range of issues with specialist help for benefits, employment , housing or debt issues. Representation at court or tribunal may be available but will be offered on a case by case basis.