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Date of Last Submission

31st October 2022

Date of Publication

1st December 2022


I had a call recently at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau from a lady who had been cold called about making a will.

The caller had said that she ran a will writing service. She told my client that she definitely needed a will and that she could provide an excellent will for £600. My client wondered if she did need a will. She and her husband had bought their house. They had three children. Two of them had very little to do with their parents but their daughter lived with them and was paying the mortgage. Surely she would get the house when they died because she gave them the mortgage money?

No, she would not get any more than her brothers if there was no will. Also it would be more complicated to arrange what happened to their property.

The good news is that £600 is an outrageous amount to charge.. Most solicitors will draw up a will for less than £100 or a donation to charity.

People somehow think it is morbid to think about death and make a will but once it is done you can have peace of mind. You know that what you own is going to the people you have chosen and you have prevented squabbles after you have finally gone.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau is completely confidential.

The articles I write for the Crier are always based on true stories but I disguise the client so they could never be identified.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau is at 7 Atholl Crescent. Drop in is 10am-12 noon, Monday to Friday or phone 01738 450581 for an appointment in the afternoon. If the line is busy you can leave a message and you will get a call-back. The number will come up as Withheld to protect your privacy.
01738 450580 is the Advice Line. This line is often busy but if you leave a message your call will be returned. Everything is confidential, even the fact that you visited the bureau.

There is also a webite run by the CAB. Adviceguide.org.uk covers many topics and is easy to use.