Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Remember the song, "It's been a long long time from May to September" well I don't think it has, in fact it has been no time since September 2018.

Looking at the Crier of last September there have been quite a few changes; eight extra pages, glorious  technicolour changes to the front page, different quality paper and photographs.

Interestingly it was in last September's issue we announced the idea of producing an "Anthology of Poems" written by people from Abernethy past or present, or about Abernethy This is now well on its way to completion.

Happily we continue to have our regular contributors and have been pleased to welcome the Reverend Stan Kennon on board. ( I thought the metaphor suitable, Stan being ex-navy)

The Crier is totally dependent on what is sent in to us so don't be afraid to make contact. Provided the name and address are supplied (which can be withheld from publication if requested) and non-political we will publish it. We want to know what you think, your opinions, personal news, anything which does not please you. We are open to criticism.

Lots of interesting articles this quarter and many congratulations all round, to the former pupils of Abernethy School now achieving academic success at Perth High School, to the winners in the Abernethy in Bloom competition and to all who help organise  and run  the various committees and groups etc. For a small village there is a lot going on.

Finally on a personal note I was interested to read Jimmy's article on his visit to France as I had just returned from a similar trip to visit the grave of an uncle killed in March 1918 aged 20. He is buried in a beautiful cemetery Douchy les Ayette near Arras, a very rural and peaceful place This had been a life-long desire finally achieved.

Enjoy the autumn and the start of the winter activities. Hard to believe next time you get your copy of The Crier our thoughts will be on Christmas.
Till then,