Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


You will have seen the plan of the Hatton Road Project in the last edition of the Crier. However, this garden needs a name and the Abernethy in Bloom Committee invite you to put forward your preferred name for their new venture. They would like the name to have a local connection.

The Crier will collect your suggestions and the Abernethy in Bloom Committee will decide.

So send them to the Crier info e-mail address.

                                               Good Luck


Half way through 2019 already! Where do the days, weeks, months go?

The Crier is even bigger and I hope better this quarter. We are up to 28 pages, lots of news and lots going on in Abernethy. We now have the contents listed on page2 which will enable you to find articles and information more quickly. We are making a few changes to the format and would be pleased to have any comments, good or bad from you, the readers. Your thoughts on the Crier are important to us.

On page 1 you will have seen the Hatton Road Project and the fact the new garden needs a name. For many years I have felt that some recognition should be made to the years Nurse Mavor gave to the Parish of Abernethy, the babies she delivered and the care and attention tending to both the old and the young. Having Nurse Peattie's garden on one side of the road it would perhaps balance things out to have Nurse Mavor's garden on the other.

Thank you to Linda Buchan for the draft copy of the Community Council Minutes. It is very important that everyone knows what is going on or not going on in the village. The Council is the grass roots of caring and looking after the needs of Abernethy along with the District Councillors. Thank you also to David Illingworth for compiling the list of organisations, clubs etc.There is no shortage of things to do if you live in Abernethy.

Special thanks from us all should be extended to the Litter Pickers. Not a nice job and one which has been going on for years. I can remember during my time on the first Community Council doing the same thing but without the high-viz waistcoats!

Bob Macdonald's article about his hospital experiences set me thinking with the mention of the red-haired sister. As a YOUNG physiotherapist in P. R.I. I am pretty certain I remember the sister, and I guess Bob would be in either ward 3 or 4. (I can't remember which was the male and female ward). It would be possibly around the late 50's or early 60's. Am I right Bob?

Finally you will find some beautiful photographs, entries in the Photographic Competition. Judging is going to be very difficult.

I hope all our readers have a happy, healthy and sunny summer and we look forward to hearing from you for the autumn edition.  

                                                                                  HILDA CLOW