Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Here we go as The Crier enters its next decade. In these tumultuous times I wonder what the next 10 years will bring and what changes will have taken place in Abernethy

In the last edition I mentioned several events which had disappeared from the Abernethy calendar since 2008, but in reading the draft of this copy I am reminded of two things which have stood the test of time. One is the Horticulture Society which evolved from a Flower Show held on the 26th August 1978 and the other is the Tennis Club which was reborn around 1969-1970. Abernethy had a very active and competitive club many, many years ago and I am not sure when it fell apart and the courts and clubhouse sadly neglected. Its resuscitation is quite a long story and I will maybe tell you about that on another occasion.

Now to the present and what you will find when you turn the pages of this edition.

First and foremost you will notice we are making a few changes, more colour and different features on the front page.

This particular front page is quite different showing plans for a new garden in the village. I can only express my praise and admiration for the work done by Abernethy in Bloom and to those involved. Every good wish for the future projects. While on horticultural matters remember boys and girls to get going with your sunflowers!

How many are looking forward to the 60's night? Quite a few I would imagine. Remember Saturday nights in the Abernethy Hotel with The Blend and The Magic ?

Kyle's articles should encourage us all to get out and about and we look forward to hearing more from him. The walks he mentions are all ones I have done and would do again. We are very fortunate in having so many walks, climbs and cycle tracks so close to home

What do you think of Mike Thomson's contributions? Memories, memories!Those of us whose early life was brought back so accurately,I think will realise we had a pretty good time, I did anyway!

Welcome to our new minister, The Reverend Stanley Kennon or as he likes to be called “Stan the Man”. From his short autobiography I think the Horticulture Society will have welcomed a new member and maybe the Walking Group too. Remember to toot when you see that "tall not so skinny bloke passing wearing a dog collar" Don't bother looking for the bag of tropical fish! We are very happy to have you in Abernethy and I hope you and Aileen will be equally happy being with us.

I am delighted to read that the community cinema is getting underway again and what better way to restart than with Mama Mia 2? Wonderful escapism!

The usual reports are included, the draft minutes from the Community Council, from the Councillors, the Church, the SWI and the Museum.

No letters to the editor. We want to hear from you

Till June.

Hilda Clow