Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Well, where do I start?

Since the last Crier the world has gone through hell and back again with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching all four corners of the world. I think I am safe to say the last time anything of this scale happened was the Spanish flu of 1919 and it killed something like 50 million people. Irrespective of your political persuasion I think the Scottish Government have made a pretty good job of it and the Scottish people have done well to try to stick to the rules as best they can. It probably makes it a bit easier here in Scotland as we are a bit thin on the ground and it is slightly easier to keep your distance from others. You can walk around Abernethy on a good day and never see a soul.

Throughout this, I think folks have become a bit more friendly and are saying hello more as we pass on the street. As a nation we will be as fit as a butcher’s dog with all the cycling, running and walking we are all doing.  

A special thank you must go to all in  Abernethy and district for their hard work in helping others during this very difficult time, delivering medicines, shopping and just generally keeping an eye on those who are at very high risk. Condolences must go to those who have lost a family member, close friend or have someone in hospital  at this time.

Many future events have been cancelled because of the worry of an upsurge of the virus during the coming winter months but I am sure when the dust settles and we get back to some kind of normal all these organisations and clubs will be running once again.

Stay safe.

Jimmy Swan


The Committee is so delighted to be once again putting the Village Crier together for September. Over the last few months I would imagine most of us would have become aware of things about ourselves and others that we did not realise before. It has been an interesting period in all our lives.

There is no doubt in my mind how fortunate I am to be living in rural Perthshire and having a garden and I am sure all of you will feel the same.

So many changes have taken place recently, even our language, words and phrases rarely used in general conversation are now common parlance; pandemic, coronavirus, shielding, quarantine, furlough, social distancing etc. To my mind the latter is a good example of an oxymoron since socialising means getting together!

Other factors have been prevalent in the news over this period, racism, slavery and freedom of speech. Everyone has views on all these subjects and many more besides and must surely be allowed to air them. Different ideas on subjects lead to discussion and debate. Many debating societies in the past have produced some of the greatest orators of our time. History is history and nothing can change that but we can prepare for our future.

Your immediate future is to turn over the pages of the Crier where you will find a wonderful selection of topics. Grateful thanks from the Committee to all who contributed.

There are subjects topical, historical and local. In the current situation it has been prudent to make firm decisions in advance viz. not opening the museum this year, no meetings of the Auld Abernethy Association, no Burns Supper in 2021. On the other hand other organisations have been able to continue, Abernethy in Bloom, keeping the village bright and cheerful, the tennis club and the bowling club opening up. Thank you to all the organisations keeping us informed.

You will also be able to have a holiday at home as you join Nan Campbell in the Scottish Highlands. A wonderful journey long before the North Coast 500 was ever thought of and very little traffic around.

Before I sign off I must mention Brian Greig who has done a marvellous job in catering to the needs of the village, not for the first time. I remember the dreadful winters of 2010 and 2011 when Brian braved the deep snow to collect and deliver supplies in the village. At that time he also ran the Post Office.

Here's hoping by the time the next Village Crier comes out which will be December when thoughts will be turning to Christmas, that life will have returned to a more normal pattern and we can look forward to more social gatherings.

Meantime keep well and safe, put up your feet and start reading

Hilda Clow.