Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Hello again Readers,

How quickly the time passes. The end of July is fast approaching and the deadline for The Crier only a few days away. It seems no time since I was writing to catch the last deadline and here we are past the middle of the year and by the time you are reading the 24th edition of The Crier it will be autumn

I wonder as I sit in the garden with pencil in hand (I always do a rough copy first, in the old fashioned way) in the wonderful warm sunshine, if this will all be a happy memory or will we still be enjoying lovely weather in the autumn. It is a case of wait and see.

What an eventful summer we are having, starting with Wimbledon, although Andy didn't make the final this time, followed by The Open Golf Championship and then The Commonwealth Games and in amongst that was the Football World Cup but that was held far away in Brazil so did not really affect us. I am really impressed by the Buzz surrounding The Commonwealth Games, the friendly atmosphere and the good fun everyone seems to be having. I guess today as I write, being during the Games, so using the present tense,to quote from a well -known song " There's nothing the matter wi' Glasgow".

Using the future tense now The Ryder Cup will be taking place at Gleneagles and being relatively near neighbours I am sure we will all be affected one way or another even if it is just seeing and hearing the helicopters flying over with the VERY IMPORTANT PERSONS on board.

An exciting year. I wonder what 2015 will bring.

So to Abernethy in particular. Unfortunately I was unable to be at The Fete on the 21st June but I am hoping I will read about it in The Crier and also the results of the Hill Race. I well remember the first Hill Race, but that is another story for another time.

I hope also there will be a report in from the Tennis Club which I believe is thriving. I remember when I came to Abernethy in 1968 the Tennis club had fallen by the wayside; the courts, which had been blaize,were covered with dockens, nettles and every other weed one can think of. However a group of us got together and raised a sufficient sum of money, £600 to be exact, to have the courts resurfaced and we managed to restore the little clubhouse which had fallen into disrepair. So that was the rebirth of The Abernethy Tennis Club as it is today. Again, like the Hill Race, another story for another time

Many of you will remember the interesting autobiography which appeared in the 11th and12th editions of the Crier "Life and Times of a Village Lad"written by James Dobbie; a fascinating story of progressing from Aberargie Perthshire through Glasgow University to becoming Mayor of Atherton U.S.A. 30 miles South of San Francisco. Sadly Jim died on the 24th July 2014. Our thoughts are with the family and especially with his "little" sister Wyn. A wonderful and fulfilled life which we all must admire.

Until you next hear from me at the beginning of December enjoy the autumn and enjoy  and appreciate the privilege of living in Abernethy

                                                  Hilda Clow


By the time you receive your copy of this newsletter there will be around ten days to go to the big day, the 18th September

I don’t want to keep drumming on about it but I feel it is very important that we all cast our vote, whether that be a NO or a YES, get out there and do it.

Well done to Billy Beatson, Hall Park, he won the Annual Museum Raffle a ‘Round of golf for four’ at the Rosemount course at Blairgowrie. All Billy’s friends will be gathering round now, just play Yirsel Bill, four times, saves any fa’in oot over a game of golf.

Many thanks to Dougie Cleeton, Secretary of Rosemount for donating the prize.

I read from the Community Council minutes they are again dealing with the tricky problem of parking in the Square. When Tower Bakery moved to Perth, up went a cheer, ‘More room to park’. It hasn’t improved. Can it improve?

Let’s hear from you the residents of Main St and the Square, help the Council try and sort this. As long as you supply your name and address they do not have to be printed.

A very interesting letter from Broomhill, the ongoing problem of disposal of dog c–p. We all appreciate that most dog walkers / owners are now lifting their mess and I am sure most dispose of it in the correct red bin or even carry it home and put it in their own bin. However, there are some that prefer to stick it in other people’s bins. Why? Let’s go that extra mile and put it in the right place and make Abernethy a dog friendly place for dog owners as well as non dog owners.

                                           The ED