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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

MARCH 2014

Dear Readers,

I hope, by the time you are reading this 22nd edition at the beginning of March, the dark dreich days are well behind us. It is such a day as I start my contribution for the spring edition. However I guess we must be very thankful that we have not suffered the severe flooding and destruction that those in many other areas of the country have had to endure. So far it has been a very strange winter.

Now we have left 2013 behind and The Crier has entered its sixth year of publication. It doesn't seem so long since it started off, but in looking over back numbers there have been quite a few changes in and around Abernethy. People come and people go, buildings rise and fall and some things go on and on and on, the Round Tower being the outstanding example Not too many villages can boast of such an important piece of history, something which should be promoted since so many people will be coming to Scotland this year both for the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup apart from the normal number of tourists. Abernethy has so many attractions over and above its history. It is situated in a beautiful part of the country, an excellent centre for walkers, cyclists, shooters, fishers and golfers and people interested in rural life in general. So much for my promotion!

Before looking forward, a brief look at what has been happening since the beginning of December when you last received The Crier. I don't know since I no longer live in the village, except for what has been going on in the organisations with which I am still involved.

Which brings me to a point. There are often general notices among the church intimations which might interest people outwith the Church. Only people attending the Kirk on Sunday receive these notices soyou want to disseminate the word further afield use The Crier as well.

Anyway our backward glance. In November the delivery Boys and Girls of The Crier enjoyed an eveningCree's Inn. Thanks again to Brian for putting on a super buffet and my personal thanks to all those involved in getting The Crier to your doorsteps. We arstill getting more volunteers willing to help which eases the task of those already doing deliveries. Alsso far so good we have had no problems with delivethis winter because of the weather.

Another social evening I attended was the annual 'Black Tie Dinner' held in Cree's Inn for those of us responsible for the fund-raising events for the Museum. Again, a splendid meal produced by Brian and hstaff and good fun as well.

This month (January) I was invited along with Sally Rose and Jimmy Swan to Abernethy School to judge the Poetry Competition, sponsored by the Burns CluDifficult decisions had to be made as the standard wvery high. I will not write more on this as I expect there to be a detailed account within the pages of thedition. However there is one thing I would like to ahow impressed I was with all the children present, thsupport of their of their friends participat- ing, the warm welcome we were given by them to the schooand their thanks at the end of the event.

On Tuesday 21st January Mrs Moira Herkes was inducted as Minister to the Parish Churches of Abernethy and Dron and Arngask, an important event for both parishes. I am hoping there will be a full report in this issue. The Burns Supper comes up on the 1st February and I am expecting (stretching our boundaries slightly) we might have some news about that.(Editor's privilege to fill up a column) Looking ahead, I don't know yet except for the Writers' Competition and the Grand Raffle in aid of Museum funds, what will be happening in Abernethy over the spring and summer. Not until I read The Crier. Hence the importance of putting in dates of events, pleas for help, vacancies on committees etc etc

Until June, Hilda Clow.


I always seem to be moaning about the lack of an efficient service from Perth and Kinross Council. Well I am sorry but I must start the new year with another greet about the services we receive, or don’t, for our Council tax.

During the festive break I was sweeping the pavement outside the house, mostly auld leaves and needles blown together by the wind. As I brushed, along came the PKC blue pickup with three cosy operatives within, they smiled at me as they passed, this made me fizz. They turned at the Primary school roundabout and headed back along the Backdykes, smiling again. They then returned to Perth.

Were the Bins checked?.....no.
Litter and leaves picked up?......no.
Took a run up Main Street, Hall Park and Den Park to check for rubbish?.....no
With all these storms and heavy rain we need to keep our streets clean so all the dirt doesn’t end up down the drains, another service we don’t get.

A Happy New Year

The Ed