Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


As you can see from the front page of this edition of The Crier we are celebrating 10 years of publication. There have been several Abernethy newsletters over the last fifty years but this is the first one to survive a decade.

Because of this I have been looking over the last forty copies (no mean task) to find out what changes have taken place since 2008 and on the other hand what has remained the same. It has been an interesting exercise stirring many memories.

We have progressed from one double-sided A4 sheet to producing 20-24 pages. This of course is due to the contributors and those who advertise. Once the copies are printed there is an excellent team of distributors who bring The Crier to your door. 800 DELIVERIES and what is more it is FREE.

What has happened in the parish since 2008? Quite a lot actually. In no particular order as they say in "Strictly" but chronologically in this case, I bring you some reminders.

Gala Week finished in 2010 and was replaced by the Williamson Hall Fete.  The Craft Fair ended after ten years and was replaced by the Art Exhibition in 2012 and that ended in 2016.

There have been two ministers in the Kirk. Alex Wark left to take a charge in Aberdeenshire in 2012 and was succeeded by Moira Herkes in 2014 but sadly after two years she had to give up due to ill-health. Since then the parish has been without a permanent minister but the good news is by the time you read this issue the Reverend Stanley Kennon will have been inducted as Minister of Abernethy and Dron and Arngask Parish Church of Scotland.

The village was shocked and saddened early in 2015 by the unexpected death of Brian Johnston resulting in the closure of Cree's Inn. However this year Cree's Inn has reopened after a major refurbishment having been bought by Grant and Lisa Conway, former owners of The Inn which is now closed. The Baiglie Inn, another local hostelry frequented by many in the area also closed a number of years ago and is now a dwelling house.

A memorable event in 2012 was the bearing of the Olympic Torch through Aberargie and Abernethy then on towards Newburgh.

Jamesfield Garden Centre opened within the last ten years, a great asset to all gardeners locally and much further afield. It is also a lovely place for just a wander around and can be followed by a nice cup of tea at Jamesfield restaurant.

In the village itself it is good to see a new shop and business open, Namely Mad Stoves and Clootie McToot Dumpling Shop. Not only can you buy a new stove there but everything which goes along with fires including getting the chimney swept and not only can you buy dumplings but lots of other interesting gifts

From there just down into the School Wynd in 2016 Berryfields re-opened with Karen and David providing a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and delicious food.

2015 brought a Community Cinema to the village and also in June of that year Abernethy in Bloom came into existence. Now Abernethy has become involved with the Scottish Scheme.

Just over a year ago on the 16th November 2017 Morrison and MacKay opened Kincardine House, the distillery in Aberargie, a major enterprise which should be beneficial to the area.

Throughout the years The Crier has tried to involve the younger people in the village. For a short time we had a junior reporter and a young people's column. Then we tried various competitions, short stories, poetry, young journalist. Sadly all have been short lived but we will keep trying.

Perhaps we should ask Gordon Miller for help as the Cubs and Scouts are thriving. Unfortunately this cannot be said about the Guides as there is no longer a company in Abernethy.

Going through reports from the Community Council quite a few subjects recurring, not only over just ten years but in some cases nearer forty, when the Community Council came into being; parking, dog waste, litter, general maintenance in the village to name but a few.

Having regular reports from the Community Council the local Councillors and MP keeps everyone informed of what is happening even although they are not at meetings.

From the Crier Committee our warmest thanks to all who contribute articles, letters, stories and reports, the businesses and firms which advertise and the delivery team.

Without all of you there would be no Crier!!!!      

Hilda Clow