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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


Courtesy of the Museum of Abernethy

Abernethy Newsletter July 1980

Community Council News

Public Toilets :- The District Council have proposed placing toilets in the area of ground beyond the Inn. There is some talk of a joint venture between the District Council and the owner of the Inn, but we feel this is not in the best interests of the village and it seems Mr McRobbie is of the same opinion. We have asked for a further meeting with the planners.

Abernethy Newsletter September 1980

Vandalism :- The tennis hut is a sorry sight. The worst vandalism took place during the summer and now only two walls remain partially standing leaving the roof dangerously unsafe. Grafitti cover the walls, beer cans litter the floor – half of which has been destroyed.

Spokesman for the tennis club, Hilda Clow, is disgusted with the vandals who have albeit wrecked the hut. Knowing who the culprits are she declined to name them, but felt very strongly that they should be made to pay the £2000 required to make it functional again.

The hut was furnished in 1970 with toilets, a sink and cooker with room also for changing. At the time the court was made secure and fully tarred. The court could become available for year-round use but the nets cannot be left out until full security can be provided by the new netting in the process of being erected. This task is now  half complete.