Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022



New faces, new places, new ideas, new home and new relationships. You would think after thirty years as a Church of Scotland minister in different parishes, it would be just a doddle, but if it were so easy, then there would be no challenge, no sense of excitement. Every community has different needs and opportunities. I very much hope to be able to become part of this community in the widest sense, because of course I promised at the recent induction service to be the PARISH minister, not just minister to the congregation.

The congregation however has to play a large part in helping me come to know and understand the wider community. The church has been present in this area for many centuries. There are people who would say that makes the church an historical anomaly but I believe the church should be a living presence, aware of the needs and changes of the 21 st  century, recognising that society evolves but the basic emotional and spiritual needs of people remain the same. As Minister I will try to meet these needs to the best of my ability. Kind regards to you all.

Moira Herkes

September 2014

The Village Crier brings you news from around the community, giving an insight to the many groups and organisations that exist in the villages at present. But it is also fascinating to hear about the history of this place, going way back to the days when the Romans had their fort nearby and then by the 5th century, when there appears to have been quite a thriving community based around the original Celtic church on the same site as the present building in Abernenthy. Recently there has been some interest in the archaeology of the land around the St Bride’s Church, and there is every possibility of some investigation taking place. Maybe we will even get on TIME TEAM! Apart from that it is hoped that the wider community including the school, will be able to get involved. In order to maintain the presence of the church in Abernethy, the present building is about to undergo major repairs to the roof. This will involve scaffolding around most of the church and may mean that services have to be suspended for a few weeks, so contingency plans are in place and if need be, joint services will be held in the other part of the Parish at Glenfarg in Arngask Church.

The Lunch club has also found an alternative venue in the meantime. Hopefully the work will go as planned and by September things should be back to normal, but much will depend upon weather and just how much work has to be done, both outside and inside the church.

The Fair City Singers are giving a concert in Arngask Church on September 19th so give them your support and enjoy the music.

Rev Moira Herkes