Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


At last, as I write this in late March, the remaining restrictions on our Church worship have been lifted and there are definite signs that, slowly and steadily, people are returning to the kirk. We currently hold services alternately between the two villages of Glenfarg and Abernethy on a Sunday morning at 10.00am. In Kirk of St.Bride, Abernethy, the Sunday Club for children takes place during church services.

Highlights for us recently, have included the presentation of long service certificates (30 years or over) to elders which were awarded as follows:

Arngask – on 13th March 2022

Ian Fairweather   47 years as a ruling elder
Alex Johnston   40
Rosemary Johnston  34
Helen Clark   30
Margaret Scott   30

Kirk of St.Bride, Abernethy – on 20th March 2022

Bill Christie   46 years as a ruling elder
Ian Miller   42
George Gardener   34 (also serving as beadle)
Kathleen Baird   33
Elizabeth Taylor   31

At Easter, croissants were served before the start of our worship in Abernethy and for the first time in two years, once again we have been able to hold our Stated Annual Congregational meeting.

A special meditation service with candles and prayers for the people of Ukraine was held in both churches as was a collection for the Ukraine Appeal which raised £509. Additionally, the church in Abernethy was used as a drop-off point for physical items donated to the appeal, which were then transferred to the depot in Errol.

A great deal of interest has been shown in the triptych wall hanging which centres around the life of Saint Bride. This work, depicting the ecstasy of Saint Bride as she is filled with the Holy Spirit by the River Tay and flanked by symbols of her life and that of the locality, was designed and created by many skilled parishioners in Abernethy and Aberargie, and is almost complete. The church intends to hold a ‘hanging’ evening when it will be unveiled in situ. This will involve prosecco and canapes and much celebration – a symbol of better times ahead. Details to follow.

Current worship information can be accessed through the Church ADA (Abernethy & Dron & Arngask) Facebook page. You are especially invited to attend our events and services and you would be made most welcome.

Joyce White (Session Clerk)  April 2022