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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


I first hooked up with Abernethy Bike Club (ABC) just under a year ago after reading a Village Crier article about one of the members doing a charity cycle ride. His address was at the bottom of the article so I popped round to introduce myself and find out more about the club.Within a week I was out on my first Saturday morning ride with them, and was made very welcome, the banter was good as was the route not to mention stunning views. I was a happy man to see more of my new local area.

Within a year I was pulling on an ABC team jersey and over the start line of the 2011 Kinross Sportive on 23rd April. There were 4 of us, working together as a team. Its not a race as such, but it felt like one, it felt good! We worked well together and cut through the riders pack (of approx 600 riders!!) until we were clear of the busy groups and out the front.

We started out fast, too fast we all thought, but it was too exciting to slow down. The ride had its highs and lows as well as its ups and downs. The highest high was most definitely the welcome we received when we rode through Abernethy, our home town, greeted by friends and families with flags and banners and a wee juice bottle top up as well!!!

It stayed dry till we were in the Auchterader area, then it started to rain, things got a bit tougher, but we stuck with it, still together as a team. The banter was still there, even during the hard climbs. Its possible we had started too fast, now we paid the price, the hard times had arrived but we stuck with it. The pace was fast, the rain was cold, the last "4 miles" that a marshall shouted to us lasted for what felt like 14!!!!! Then into Kinross, past the town sign which was the last "tick box" in my head, but Kinross seemed to go on forever and ever, then at last the right turn into the school and over the line, to finish 80 hilly miles in around four and a half hours, not at all bad.

Everyone finished safe and happy, more Abernethy support met us at the finish line, majik!! as did some hot soup and a bacon roll, more majik!!

A great day out!! I'd like to say thanks to everyone in Abernethy who gave us a shout and a wave (it really means a lot!!) and to Kinross cycling club for organising a great event.

I'd also like to say thank you to the ABC guys for a warm welcome to Abernethy. We (Claire and I) are really happy to be here and call Abernethy home.

                                         KYLE STRACHAN