Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Hello again Readers.

As I start my contribution for this edition I am wondering which season it is. It certainly does not seem like summer which chronologically it is but weatherwise it could be November a cold, wet, grey day. I cannot remember such a horrid summer. While watching Wimbledon I had great difficulty even trying to imagine how hot it was, watching The Open at St Andrews I knew exactly how cold it was.

It seems hard to realise that a year has passed since we were enjoying the excitement of the Commonwealth Games and The Ryder Cup. Probably just as well there are no more major outdoor events this year.

I must say how much I enjoyed reading Bob Macdonald's article in the last Crier about the shops in Perth. It brought back many memories of the lovely town it used to be, vibrant with beautiful buildings and full of character. What Bob did not mention were four Picture Houses and the weekly dances in The City Hall and The Sally (The Salutation Hotel to the unenlightened) but he was focusing on the High Street and businesses.

Mentioning Picture houses, plans are now well under way for the Abernethy Community Cinema and I am looking forward to coming to see films in Abernethy rather than going to Perth. Good for Abernethy to catch up with Newburgh and Glenfarg. It is amazing the number of villages that have Community Cinemas running most successfully. Our thanks must go to David and Jan and the Committee for all the hard work they have put into this project to make it succeed. An upated report is included in this edition.

I am wondering how many entries there will be suggesting a name for the sculpture on the new roundabout on the Baiglie. I did receive one response to my query as to what it is supposed to represent. I was told that it was called The Seed representing the old and the new! The large rusty-looking bit is the kernel and the shiny bit is the seed. How many of you would have guessed that, I for one certainly wouldn't? Were any local people involved in this e.g. the Community Councils of Abernethy and Bridge of Earn? I have a feeling, not. It was as big a surprise in Bridge of Earn as anywhere else.

You will be happy to know and I am happy to tell you, I am finishing this off sitting outside in the evening sunshine. As the song says "What a difference a day makes" although I don't think the lyric writer was thinking about the weather.

Today I was walking in Glen Tilt, a beautiful walk through the so well maintained Atholl Estates when on two occasions two low-flying tornados swept over us. Quite a deafening experience and makes one wonder if there is anything afoot. Who knows in this present climate of uncertainty? In complete contrast it makes one very appreciative of the peaceful land- scapes through which one is free to wander. We are very fortunate living here in Perthshire. I am hoping this edition is going to be full of all the interesting activities which have been going on in Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron over the last few months and news of what is to come as we approach winter.

Till December,  

Hilda Clow.


Parking in Main Street and around the War Memorial seems to be a bit of a hot potato at the moment. I have the feeling we have been here many times before and the problem has still not been solved, will it ever be? You will have noticed by now there has been traffic monitoring sensors installed on some roads in the village. I know what this will tell the Authorities, but even armed with this information what can they do to alleviate the parking issue. Let’s get real here, what can be done? Do we want “double yellow lines” throughout the Village with no parking in Main Street? Do we want designated parking bays for every house? Do we want pavements narrowed to make parking bays? People of Abernethy let us know, through the Crier, how this will be sorted once for all. I doubt it ever will.

The ED