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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022

MARCH 2015

Hello Readers,

The first week of 2015 has just passed and by the time you are reading this edition of The Crier the first 2 months of 2015 will have passed. So although we are all wishing friends and neighbours a Happy New Year it seems pointless by the time March comes along as we have probably made all our greetings. However the number of readers of The Crier far exceeds the number of people I see, therefore I don't think it too inappropriate to wish everyone good health and happiness for 2015.

As far as winter is concerned we have been relatively lucky weather wise but in January we are still wondering "Is the worst yet to come?" In March you will have the answer to that question.

The Burns Season is now upon us and The Burns Club of Abernethy is holding its usual Burns Supper on Saturday 7th February in the Williamson Hall. Although this is past the deadline date for submissions to The Crier I am sure the editor will make allowances for a slightly late contribution, since he is also the Burns Club President.

On the same subject I was invited once again to join Miss Wyn Dobbie and Mrs Sally Rose in Abernethy School to judge the Poetry Competition run by the Burns Club for the pupils. What a difficult task this was as the standard was so high. The results and a fuller report are printed within this edition.

As I write about competitions the winners of the Short Story Competition were presented with their prizes at The Distributers' Party in Cree's Inn. It was lovely to have the young people there accompanied by parents and siblings. We have had one or two new volunteers helping to deliver The Crier, for which we are very grateful as it lightens the load for us all. Nothing is truer than the saying "Many hands make light work" at least in this situation. There has been quite an addition to the number of houses receiving The Crier but I think building in Abernethy has come to an end, for the present at least, which makes life easier, knowing more accurately the number of copies required.

Following the article "Saturday Night at the Movies" (December Crier), I believe things are moving along and a committee has been formed. A full report of the current position is to be found within this edition. What could be better than seeing a film locally rather than having to trail to Perth or Dundee?

I was interested in Mike Tracy's letter and the story of Henry Buist. Has anyone been able to enlarge on this fascinating piece of history? I am aware Abdie and Newburgh are in Fife but are our nearest neighbours and in days gone by, there was much coming and going between Abernethy and Newburgh. In fact many of the sewing machinists in our factory were Newburgh girls and many local people have Newburgh connections.

Finally as I draw this to a close I have the very sad news about Brian Johnston. He will be sorely missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

Hilda Clow


I received a flyer through the letter box recently asking if I would like to fill in the form and send it to PKC objecting to a planning application for wind turbines. I think wind turbines are a great innovation, harnessing nature and using it to our advantage, to produce electricity. The low price of oil is not going to last for ever, it will eventually increase and in the long term run out. The use of the wind, wave, hydro and renewable resources should be invested in so our children and grandchildren have other forms of power for the future.

There is a paragraph in the flyer referring to the noise the turbines will make. I mostly work in remote areas and come across wind turbines of all shapes and sizes. Standing under one all I heard was the swish of the blades or the wind.

A friend of mine who works with an electricity company told me “if the turbines are making a noise they are not working properly.” Bring them on I say.  

The Ed