Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Following on from my December editorial which raised some criticism regarding the fence around the new houses at Sandilands Grove (Southfield Meadows) I have carried out a straw poll in the village and everyone I spoke to thought it was ”An ugly monstrosity”. My view was on the actual construction and design of the fence and absolutely nothing to do with the Crier being an unwelcoming publication. In this edition you will find an article from a resident of the site regarding his views about the fence.

The new residents will be moving in to Sandilands Grove in the near future and I am sure that they will find Abernethy to be a very welcoming place, and in my opinion the Crier magnifies that, and every new resident is an asset. Hopefully some will get involved with the many clubs and organisations in the village.

I would like to congratulate the Community Council for their hard work in organising the lighting up of the dark nichts with the Christmas lights on the lamp standards, and Abernethy in Bloom for all their work putting together the festive display, Nativity Scene and Christmas tree in the Nurse’s garden.

Well done to all involved.

Jimmy Swan


By the time you have received this edition of the Crier it won't be long until the clocks are changed forward to summer time. The days have become markedly longer already since the darkness of December and January.

One thing which brightened up those dark days were the Christmas lights throughout the village and in Aberargie and our thanks must go to all who were involved in setting them up and also for taking them down, now to be replaced with plants and flowers.  Thanks must go to all those involved, The Community Council, Abernethy in Bloom, Caroline Haxton and to the householders as well for individual efforts towards a bright and cheerful festive season in Abernethy.

Abernethy in Bloom is doing a marvellous job.

Good to look ahead to the reopening of the Tennis Club for the season. Reading of the current problems reminds me of the state of the courts when I came to Abernethy in 1968. The club had been non-existent for many years and so the courts and clubhouse had fallen into a state of disrepair, dockens, nettles and every other weed one can think of growing through the ground and the clubhouse quite derelict. However that is another story for another time as I think we have plenty of history in this edition.

Very much on present day affairs, we have a feature on healthcare in our area which is of deep concern to all of us. With an increase in population and a decrease in local medical services the situation is quite troubling.

Kathleen Baird has given us her last report as a councillor as she is retiring from Perth and Kinross Council  of which she has been a member for many years.. Our thanks to Kathleen for being our representative. Perhaps she might continue to contribute to the Crier as Mrs Kathleen Baird and tell us what she is up to now: and maybe not!!!   Only joking Kathleen

We have welcomed Theresa Hughes on to the Crier committee. It is good to have a representative from Aberargie as Abernethy and Aberargie are more or less one within the Parish.

Now I will leave you to turn the pages and read for yourselves what has been going on over the last three months and what to expect over the next three.

Hilda Clow