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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

JUNE 2013

Dear resders

As I start to write my contribution for the 19th Edition of The Crier we are entering he last week of April and I should be referring to winter in the past tense but by the feel of the temperature this evening and the weather forecast for the end of the week,I fear winter is still here. However by the time you read this I hope most sincerely that summer will have arrived.

After this long winter I was wondering what I would have to write about but today I am inspired to describe my situation; a Sunday morning 28th April, sitting in front of a blazing log fire listening to the wind howling, the rain beating against the windows and watching the huge waves rolling in. A contrast from Thursday evening when I drove north and was so impressed seeing the fascinating contours  created by sun and shadow on the Monadhliath Mountains still  with a slight covering of snow.. Yesterday, the cobwebs were completely blown away, sailing over to the Island of Eigg. It is amazing the pleasure on gets just by living and travelling around Scotland, whatever the weather and all for free!

I think I am beginning to be like Fidelma Cook (but not nearly so good) who writes for The Herald and has wonderful descriptions of her place in France

Anyway having had my Fix of the sea and the wind to keep me going I had better turn to matters at home.

I am now dependent on The Crier for Abernethy news. I only hear about certain things going on in the village since I no longer live there but I think this could apply to local people as well in matters in which they are not directly involved so it is important that we keep receiving contributions from all the organisations and clubs etc.

 Since The Crier is issued quarterly it may be difficult to remember the final date for contributions. This is always printed in the current issue so could be noted in your diary or "Kitchen Calendar" There is never any excuse!

Also ,do not be shy in expressing personal opinions, your own thoughts on things which are good or bad about the Abernethy and District. I am a great believer in writing to the papers. It is an excellent way of getting things done or not done as the case may be. I can't remember who said it but "bad publicity is better than no publicity at all".

I am disappointed there is never any contribution from either our MP, MSP, or local councillors. Other local newsletters seem to receive articles from their representatives, why not here?

Another matter-----we are always able to publish notice of those who have died but never any news is sent to us of Births. I cannot believe there are no new babies in the Parish of Abernethy and Dron.

I was delighted to hear that two young people from Abernethy took part in Perth Operatic Society's production of Oliver namely Sam Donnachie and Imogen Graham. Well done Sam and Imogen. Why not write and tell us of your experience being on stage in Perth Theatre?

By the way we are looking for a young reporter.

Finally an apology; there were one or two errors in the last edition. Sorry, I am afraid it sometimes happens.

Have a good summer everyone.           Hilda Clow.


Firstly, the committee of the Crier would like apologise to advertisers for the mistakes in their ads in the last edition. The newsletter is proof read very carefully before it goes to print but this time some bits slipped through the net.We will try our best to avoid this happening in the future. Sorry.

Many thanks to Brian Boyes, the one and only letter so far on the independence issue. Brian obviously cares about the future for his family and for his country, what about the rest of you?

Brian puts a good case for the “YES” vote, what about someone presenting the case for voting “NO”. As he has said parties on both sides will be “muddying the waters” with untruths and red herrings.

Let us hear how this area of Scotland feels about it.

                                                The ED