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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


September and it is autumn already. Where did the summer go?

It was certainly a busy one in Abernethy as you will see on reading this edition of The Crier.

Thanks to our regular contributers Bob McDonald for another look into the past, Anne Hollingsworth for advice on practical matters of the day Lillias Johnston who keeps us up to date with the activities of the Senior Citizens , Celia King  for the Church news and the Councillors.

This month we have news about the archaelogical dig on Castlelaw and the prizewinners from Abernethy in Bloom.

I was sorry not to have the results of The Hill Race nor to have any word about The Fete on the 3rd of June, both events raising funds for the Williamson Hall, one of the most valuable assets we have in Abernethy

There is quite a bit of local history in this edition. In the article I have put in about the Factory   several names are mentioned which will mean nothing to probably the majority of the present residents as Abernethy has grown considerably since this was written but I hope it will bring back memories to those who do recognise the names

So now I wil leave you to start turning the pages.

                                        HILDA CLOW


We have done it, at last the flag, pole and fish are back in their rightful place. Historic Environment Scotland have been thanked for making it happen, but it has been a long and rocky road. You couldni mak it up.

Just to keep the records right as far as I see it or what I have heard……… here we go.

After much communicating by many individuals and organisations in the village the date was set by HES for the 9th June, I did confirm with them it was 2017. They e-mailed back confirming this date.

The day came and went and nothing happened and no word from them. I left it a few days before I made any contact again and it was a few days before they replied. “We are so sorry there has been a hitch, PKC have not allowed us to close the square to allow a large crane in to lift down the old pole, sorry again”.

I e-mailed them again thanking them for keeping the village up to speed with what was going on, and asked them “Do you have another date in mind for the job to go ahead”. Silence, from the other end, by now they are getting well fed up of the people of Abernethy.  

Then lo and behold an e-mail from HES stating “We have arranged with PKC to close the square on the 3rd and 4th of July, this will allow the crane in and give us two days to complete the operation”.

“Something must be happening as the relevant signage has been erected in the square” I thought to mysel.

As I drove into the village from the west on the 3rd I could see the jib of a crane up over the top of the Tower, “they have started, at last, well worth waiting on”. Shortly after I got home I thought I will go up to the square for a nosey, to see what is going on.  

It was looking good, area fenced off for safety, huge crane sitting in the middle of the square but there was a lot of blokes lazing on the war memorial looking well fed up. Right enough there was a new pole lying beside the tea room and other bits of engineered stuff along side it.

I went away for a couple of hours in another part of the village but could still the Tower. On top were a three guys standing chatting, like they were waiting for something to arrive. They they’ve disappeared, presumably down and out of the Tower, I never thought anymore about it, “They must be working inside the building”

When I returned through the square on my way home everything had gone, crane, men the lot, “Buffer! away hame for thir tea?”

I left for work the next morning with great anticipation expecting when I got home the job would be done “O double buffer”, nothing. That evening I heard through the grape vine, honestly I am not making this up, the lads from HES were waiting for a steel plate with a socket, this fixes to the Tower to which the pole slips into. Wait for it! This plate was being made in London and was being delivered to Abernethy, it never turned up, “O treble buffer”.

It transpired the deliverer of this plate had a traffic accident and the said vehicle was towed to a garage in the Newcastle area. Where was the garage? Where is the plate?

At the time of this article the flag being held up by a temporary plate until the other, and final one is found

I can feel a novel coming on.                     The Ed

PS. I hope by the time you read this the richt plate, clock and chimes will be all sorted out.