Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News


Each day when I go walks I usually meet some of my friends, I can see them from a distance and recognise them. I enjoy having a play with them, each one behaves differently. There is Aero, a brown spaniel, who just loves running around in wide circles, and of course me following on, good fun, always wagging his tail as he is happy to see me. Then there is Soulven who is a large white fluffy dog ,although he is on a lead we do get a wee bit fun, at first I thought he was rough but he really is a big softy, a big wooly ball my mum says. A newcomer came as a wee pup last year called Jammie and now we meet quite a lot, Jammie is a wee cairn and greets me and my mum at the fence of his garden, Gypsie his friend is a small black dog who, I am sure is the culprit that digs lots of holes in their garden. They are pleased to see us and jump up to get a pat from my mum, then I run down the side of the hedge and both of them run along the other side of the hedge. This is good fun as we bark to each other as we run up and down the path. I meet Jeffrey, a poodle, usually at his garden gate, or sometimes my mum lifts me up to see him sitting at the window, I know he likes me very much, and when I reach near his gate I get a row from my mum for pulling on the lead. "I just want to see if Jeffrey is here today mum"I try to say to her "and that is the reason for me pulling". Some mornings I meet Corrie with his dad, he is a small brown Jack Russell, and his tail waggs quicker than any other of my friends. I think he prefers my mum more to me, but nice to see them. Sometimes I meet strangers on my walk and greet them with a wag of the tail and of course a sniff, just to say hello, need I say I am a friendly dog and love meeting new friends and ofcourse people who make a fuss of me. My mum tells them how I enjoy looking after the geese in the garden and help to put them to bed each night in case Mr. Fox pays a visit .One day there was a terific hail storm while my mum and dad and myself of course were in the conservatory and the noise was deafening , we were watching the geese running forthe shelter of the house and suddenly they stopped and stood straight upwards with their beaks facing the sky. We were all mystified at this. It seemed the hailstones were separating on their beaks and saving their bodies from being pressured by the hail. I watched curiously and listened to my mum and dad discussing this. There is a lamb at the fence of the field each day whom I speak to, I think it looks forward to seeing me and comes quite close . Lots of other lambs are there and run up and down the field but I know I have only to watch them. My favourite friends are the cats, Smokey in particular. We formed a relationship when I was a pup and he looked after me and now we are the best of friends, although you would not think it as I chase him in fun, he rolls on his back and likes me to nudge him with my nose and he hits me with his paws. Also Gabby who is a beautiful coloured cat but she is so cheeky and if I am passing her she will just hit me for no reason, she does that with my mum too. To finish off my day I enjoy playing with my hoop and tunnel and fetching balls, also I get some commands , sit, stay , down and fetch. I look forward to this each night and I can settle down till it gets nearly dark and I get so agitated , back and fro to the door till my mum says "Come on Bonnie and put the geese in ".

This finishes off my day and I am quite happy to settle down after that. When I go to bed and curl up I wonder what the next day will bring. Night, night