Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News


It was very cold and dark one morning as I woke my mum up," I just want to see if the geese are coping  o.k with the cold night, mum" I tried to tell her with my anxious actions. Soon we were set to go outside with all the usual  bread for the birds and feeding for the geese. Not so fast Bonnie, I will have to boil the kettle for their water as it will be frozen over. I just could not wait to get out of the door which I am always getting  into bother for, Ozzie & Skye were alright and got out of their pen , then mum went to let Bud, Amber, Pearl and Gem out of their shed, but the key would not turn, mum tried and tried but it was frozen, I saw her run to the house and get a can of something and squirted it into the lock but the key still would not turn. By this time Bud and others were getting very agitated and mum beginning to panic as I could see by her face all was not well. Oh Bonnie, I will have to run and boil another kettle of water, and was gone while I saw that Ozzie & Skye were managing to get a drink of water which mum had already put the boiling water in and broke the ice. She came back with the kettle and poured the boiling water over the  lock. That did the trick and the key turned, Bud and others rushed out and soon  got a drink and started feeding. Oh Bonnie I wish the warmer mornings would come back to save this each morning. One wet, windy day we went for our usual walk when I saw a blackbird hen (so my mum says) which was just walking across the  road in front of us and went into the grass,  I went up to it and sniffed, what have you found Bonnie?  Good girl, let mum see if it is ok. and picked it up with her gloved hands. It  seems to be just cold and wet Bonnie, I will just give it a dry, which she did and felt its wings and held it for a few minutes  then for a few minutes then put it on the fence post, it paused for a few seconds and flew off." It will be alright now, it was  a good thing you saw it, well done". After I got home and dried I just curled up and fell asleep. One Sunday my Aunt Margaret came for a visit and  offered to take us somewhere. Before I knew what was happening I was in her car and looking out of the window." this is a mystery tour Bonnie, I wonder where we will go. it was fun wondering what adventure would  lie in store today. Soon we arrived and the door got opened, carefully mum put my lead on as I had not a clue where I was. " You are going to love this Bonnie" Margaret said," look there is the sand and the sea, come on and have fun with you’re ball, it was good we remembered it." The sand had a strange feeling on my paws  but got used to it fast, also the water which I managed to put my paws into but only as the waves came up on to the sand. This was exciting as I met lots of other dogs, some on leads but mostly like myself having fun chasing balls. I was frightened by a bigger dog which was on a lead, I know it was just wanting to play but I did not want to play with it. I met a lovely wee dog who wanted to be my friend and played with me for a short time but its master walked away and of course it had to go with him. What a lovely day we had, it was cold  but I did not feel it. That night mum said "You will sleep well tonight Bonnie, it was good fun,  good night", it certainly was a day to remember, Thank you Aunt Margaret,