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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

SEASON 2011/2012

September 2011

BC (of the Badminton variety)

I've noticed that the bike boys seem to have claimed ownership of the ABC title in the Crier lately, so felt it only right to try to reclaim the title for the ABC's that have been around longer. The badminton club is by no means the oldest ABC in the village, as I am sure the bowls folk will point out and even they are pre-dated by the Abernethy Bunjee Club (who of course built the tower for jumping off).

Anyway, back to more mundane matters. Badminton is back for the 2011/12 season and will restart in the School Hall on Wednesday nights (7-9pm) from the 5th of October. Our season, this year, will be curtailed by the renovation work in the School so it is likely we will look to organise games in other locations for the 2012 part of the year. All levels are welcome and we can provide equipment for those who've lost their rackets. Either come along on a Wednesday night or contact Keir for more information - 850676.

Keir Allen

March 2012

The club has been its usual busy self over the last few months with the usual excellent mix of sport and sociability. We have however had to move our venue and are now meeting along in the Newburgh TIC. As many folk will know, the school is starting its refurbishment programme and we have been unable to hire it since Christmas. We were thinking we were not going to find an alternative venue but at the last minute Judith and Susan managed to sort out our new home.

Cars are leaving from outside the school at 7.15/20 or people can just meet us at the TIC from 7.30.

If in doubt, contact Keir on 850676 or keir.allen@gmail.com

Keir Allen