December came upon us once more, and that only means one thing, Christmas. As always the party was a wonderful success. Arriving in the Williamson Hall with all the beautiful garlands and decorated tree, the atmosphere was there from the start, each person socializing and getting prepared for the meal. The Rev. Stan Kennon said Grace and it certainly was a Grace to remember putting a smile on all our faces: thank you Stan. The meal was soon served quickly and politely, the caterers seeing that each person got what they wanted. The catering was done by the Bein Inn and very good it was. Entertainment was a wee bit  different, fiddle, guitar and singing, which could have been a bit more seasonal but was entertaining  just the same. Raffle prizes in abundance were soon delivered to the lucky ones. Retirement gifts were presented to Margaret and Billy Folan and David Morris for all their dedicated work to the committee.  

Thanks to all the committee for the lovely evening.

Lillias Johnston