On June 2nd the Senior Citizens trip went to North Berwick via Dobbies Garden World at Lasswade where we spent a comfort stop. I had not been there for a long time and found it just wonderful to see. There were so many flowers & plants, containers, big & small, clothing department, garden utensils and even a pet section where I spent a wee while. Time passed so quickly in there I could have stayed longer. I'm sure I will go back some day. Back to the bus and all the friendly welcoming faces, looking forward to our destination. Although the weather was not very good it kept dry and that was the main thing, probably the wind kept it away. The minute I stepped off the bus, the memories flooded back to childhood when I would go either a school or Sunday school outing. Couldn’t wait to get the seersucker bathing suit on and in the water. After having a picnic, would go round the small shops looking for something to take home with North Berwick on it. I still have a pencil and postcard booklet. Friends and I walked up the street and had something to eat which was very pleasant. We had a relaxing stroll up the narrow streets. Remembering seeing a visitors centre when we got off the bus, we headed there, along the sandy beach where we enjoyed seeing boats and lots of birds, I even had my ice-cream, windy or not. The visitors centre proved very colourful with souvenirs, and we made use of the toilets before heading back to the bus which was parked a small distance away. Heading for the bus the tide was coming in, birds & ducks were fascinating to watch sifting in the sand for food which the water brought. The journey back home in a carefully driven, comfortable bus, ended at the Mustard Seed Centre where we got a beautiful meal. What a wonderful relaxing day I had, thanks to all who organized and made it all happen.

Lillias Johnston