With coffee mornings being  not so popular, something new was  suggested, and finally came together on Saturday night 16th March with a dance: and what a dance it was too. A young band from Bridge of Earn named the Carloways did the music. It was a sell-out.  

Some people dressed up in 60s’ outfits. It was BYOB and it was fun watching each person bring out their nibbles and even ice for their drinks. What a great night it was too. Stovies were served during the interval and there were lots of raffle prizes.

For a Charity, a bottle of Whisky was placed on the floor and people had to slide pound coins towards the bottle with the nearest being the winner.  Evelyn won it. Well done.   

Everyone really had a ball and enjoyed it so much. Memories of the nice music that really had a beat. Well done to the band. So good to see the young achieve  their ambition. Well done to all the committee for making it all come together and giving Abernethy a night to remember for a long time.   

Lillias Johnston