Sunday worship service in Abernethy, is at 9.30am for 2012 with tea, coffee, cold drinks and chat after most services.

Children’s Sunday club and crèche take place in the church hall at the east side of the church during the Sunday morning service. This year so far we have had children aged 5 and below coming so we have adapted our programme to suit younger children. We would however be absolutely delighted to have older children too. So please join us and bring your children along.

Open Doors; 1st and 3rd Mondays of the Month from 10 -11.30 am: a ‘get together’ for tea, coffee and a chat in the Church Hall – at the east side of the Church.

Teen Café (S2-S6) currently has about 10 young people who mainly come to ‘chill’ on Thursdays in the Church hall, 7.30 to 9.00 p.m., cost £1. Please feel free to come along.

Youth Club (P7-S1) meets now on Friday nights from 7.30-9.00 p.m. in the Church Hall.
Unfortunately the Friday group has had to be discontinued recently due to a reduction in the availability of  leaders. We will however review this.

Future Activities

A children’s afternoon holiday club is planned for Mon July 30th – to Frid 3rd August: for those going in to Primary 2 up to young people going in to Primary 7. Registration forms and more details will be available next issue.
Our plans for the Holiday club in July / August sadly have also had to be change since Alec was the only helper available every day. Other volun- teers’ circumstances have also changed and are unable to commit to helping. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused

Challenge to members of the Church: Later in 2012 we will be looking at how we can use our skills, talents, and time as Christians to benefit the local community or parish, not just the church. We have to keep a realistic eye on money too, so this year we will also be thinking about giving more effectively. How committed are we to our church and parish?

Your personal challenge in 2012 could be to return to church or find out for the first time what your local church is like.

Contacts: Session Clerk, Alex Johnson: 01577 830 776 : for an email copy of the weekly Church newssheet


September 2012

We are progressing towards getting a new minister. All the required permissions from the various courts of the church have now been obtained and, on Sunday 17th June, a congregational meeting was held after morning worship at which a Nominating Committee of 13 persons was elected. This committee is tasked with finding someone for the position of minister of the parish. The work of this committee is necessarily highly confidential. Therefore little more information on their work will be known until they have a sole nominee. Once they have, and that will be several months away, the nominee will preach at a service in the parish and immediately after this service the congregation is required to vote on whether or not they wish to invite this person to be their minister. In the meantime, the committee will be working on the preparation of a Parish Profile and on the wording and placing of adverts.

Here are some dates for your diaries:-

The Sunday Clubs at Abernethy Church resume on Sunday 19th August. All children are welcome along to church including babies and toddlers. During the service parents can feel free to pop into the adjacent church hall at any time with their toddlers, where toys are available. Those aged three and upwards are invited to come into church for the early part of the service at 9.30 am (about 10minutes) then go to the adjoining Church Hall for Sunday Club with their leaders Any parents seeking further information should get in touch with Joyce White Tel: 850754 or Duncan Stenhouse (Locum Minister) Tel: 01577 866992. The Youth Clubs which met on Thursday and Friday evenings are presently under review

Celia King