Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News


Come on Mum and get up, I tried to shout as I jumped on to the bed and put my two white paws on her, the sun is shining and I want to see the geese are ok. My mum pulled the sheets over her head and told me to get back to bed for an hour, which I did reluctantly. I could not bear it any longer seeing the sun streaming through the gap in the curtains. Finally my Mum got the message and got up.

After coming downstairs my mum feeds the cats and me too, and sorts the grain and bread for the geese and  not forgetting bread for the birds. As soon as the door opens I am off like the wind which I just love chasing round the garden, my Dad says I have a racetrack made.

My mum opens up the pen where Ozzie and Skye sleep at night and out they come, next she opens the hut door where Bud and May sleeps. this is where I am naughty and chase them, I enjoy being chased back. I am always getting a row but I do stop in a wee while. After my mum has breakfast we went for a walk, normal I thought. I was off my lead for a run when I saw this bird walking in front of me. I had never seen anything like that so near, but my mum told me to leave, (I was not going to touch it anyway), this turned out to be a young jackdaw which was just not able to fly. It went a walk with us for a good few yards then went into the long grass which I expect it’s mum would find it. I was praised for not chasing it, and got a good cuddle.

After my long walk , it was a normal day lazing around till after lunch we went our afternoon walk. It had started to rain by then and I had my coat on, this too turned out to be an adventure for me as I was passing the gate into the field I saw this strange animal which was blowing its breath at me. Whow, this was scary and I stepped back, there were smaller ones in the fields also Calves and a big cow. Were standing at the gate, so my mum said what they were. My mum has my lead hanging round her neck. I suddenly felt I had to get security so I pulled at the lead till she put it on me, we finished the walk.

I was glad to get home and settle down on my comfortable bed.

It was a while till dinner and then I torment the cats, Smokey especially. I really love him but I just love having a carry on with him, sometimes he gives me a bite which is usually in fun. Gabby, the coloured cat just waits till I am passing and hits out at me with her paws. Then there is Ete who is a very timid black cat, I am very fond of them but they do not play with me the same as Smokey.

When it starts to get dark I get agitated and just know that the time is near to put the geese in their pens incase Mr. Fox comes, (so my mum tells me) I get into my place while Ozzie and Skye go into their pens ok. but Bud and May do not go in themselves. That is where I come in. I lie down so they cannot get past me and my mum gets behind them and herds them into their shed. I was naughty for a while as I wanted to have the last word and used to try and nip Bud in the gap of the door but I suddenly got some sprayed water on me and told to stop that,so that put the end to that.

Back into the house for the night. I usually get a wee treat while mum and dad watch this picture box called a television, sometimes I watch dogs and cats on it. This was a nice day for me and I feel quite contented, and I will be going off to bed wondering what will happen tomorrow.