Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News


Oh Mum, I just don't know what is wrong with you this week, usually I know every movement you make, but these last few days I am lost. I noticed the granny flat at the back of the house was getting all prepared for something with the comings and goings but little did I know the outcome. A lady came to visit whom I had met a few times and liked very much. Now Bonnie, this is Anne and she will come and look after you all for 7 days while mum and dad are going on holiday. The next days my mum took me through the flat each day and showed me my new bed, this was a chair which she made comfortable for me in the bedroom and made it fun for me to jump on and make myself comfortable. Now Bonnie, if you need a wee through the night I must show you which door to go out. After showing me a few times it became quite fun, an adventure. Anyway the day came and baggage I do not usually see was at the door. Anne arrived and before my mum went she told me to be good and held up her hand and another hand with some fingers. not that I understood at the time. Mum and dad gave me a cuddle and I could see she was upset, then they were gone. I tried to settle down, it was easy after a wee while as Anne was such a caring person and kept talking to me. Come on Bonnie, we shall see the geese are o.k. and give them some bread, at the mention of that I have to do my duty and round them up. Also my friends, (cats) Smokey, Gabby and Ete all got their dinner. Later on my Aunt Margaret came and we put the geese into their sheds just as my mum would do. It was nice to see her as she makes a fuss of me and takes me for walks, also friends of Anne's came up each night and I felt really at ease. I certainly got looked after as did all my friends. Anne would sit with 2 cats on her lap and I would sit at her feet quite at ease, nice and comfortable. My mum had shown Anne how to do my exercises so she was able to do them with her teenage friend, which they enjoyed doing and thought I was clever and got praised. I liked showing off with my tunnel, hoops, jumps and ball games, also my mum has taught me to go in and out (weave) a row of ducks which she has as ornaments at the door. I was well pampered and brushed each day till my coat was nice and shiny. The routine was the same and days passed, until one night I just did not want to go to my nice chair in the bedroom as I had been doing. I just wanted to listen to every sound not understanding why I was doing this. I remembered my mum holding up her hands and I noted fingers. This must have been the days and sleeps. “What is the matter Bonnie?” Anne said in the morning. “First we will feed the cats and the geese and give you a nice brush, I am sure you will like that.” I gave a wag of the tail and a lick to let her know I understood. The day passed but I kept feeling uneasy and listening to every sound outside. At long last I heard the familar sound of dad’s car and the door opening and mum holding out her arms for a cuddle, her face all wet, I felt it when I got cuddles. “Oh Bonnie I missed you so much, did you miss me?” Yes I missed mum but I was very happy with Anne looking after me, brushing and pampering which I do not get so much from mum. Maybe some other time in the summer mum says Anne will come back, but until then I am glad to get my routine back and walks with my mum although Aunt Margaret took me different ones which I enjoyed. “Nice to be home Bonnie, good night and pleasant dreams in your own bed.”

Lillias Johnston